4th of july celebrations! one for the records...

::my little sidekick and i started out our 4th of july at the duck pond::
::around the bend is a little playground geared specially for the tiny tots. my little walker had a blast!::

::after some parktime we settled on a shady grass hill near the creek for some snacktime. such a peaceful way to kickstart the holiday::
::since daddy was off being a busybee at work (such an awesome man he is) we spent the rest of the afternoon at grams napping, helping my sister plan our her college courses for her first year as a freshie, and eating a delicious meal for lunch::
::later that evening we walked on over to our towns yearly firework show for some good bbq truck food and good music. once we settled down on our picnic blanket we brought out the toys and the flag for jacebear to be entertained while waiting for the show::
"god bless AMERICA, our home sweet home"
"when's the show gunna start, ma?!
and well unfortunately guys our firework show was ceased to a complete hault in under 1 minute due to some misfire accident where some of the fireworks headed straight for the crowd on the opposite side of the park from us. i'm kinda a paranoid freak and it's grown a lot more since having my own baby and was whispering to my husband how what if something went wrong before the show once the lights all went out. "just stay together" i pleaded like a worry wort. with all the insane shootings going on in this world and the handmade bombings you kinda can't blame me. i have a family to care for, just like anyone else. but hey, i went to the show, felt that fear and let it go, and lo and behold 5 mins later once the works went off it all went wrong. far as we know, it was pure accidental, and you can read about it here and see some videos. crazy huh?! i'm just hoping and praying that the dozen + that were injured are okay. i know i can't let fear drive me away from living life, so all in all it was a happy 4th! hope all of you stayed safe and enjoyed celebrating as well!

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