oh my goodness this post is so late but for the records! - i had to post our halloween with my adorable sock monkey, foxy hubs, and me as a black kitty cat.

it was a memorable evening!  jace experienced his first halloween carnival that was held across the street. it was a fun little shindig where jace got to trick-or-treat and bust some moves on the dance stage.  i even got to take my halloween photobooth picture for freeee :) last year we took one at the mall, so i figured it'd be a fun halloween tradition to keep up from now on.

 the hubs and i also got to have a lovely dinner date while our sock monkey of a babe took a little snooze. 

and of course showing off his costume at the grandparents took place.

 t'was the perfect halloween night with my little family

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  1. Hey Bri! Little sock monkey Jace is too cute!! It's good to see you on here, now I'm blogging a bit myself :)
    If you want to participate, you're tagged - http://aventurasdemariposas.blogspot.com/2013/12/sunshine-award.html