rocky peak trail.

See those gorgeous rocky mountains there? They are kinda my favorite and just so happen to be our view from our balcony and bedroom windows. So I figured exploring them would be fun and fun we had! Jace just ate.it.up. out there. He was so eager to get out of the carrier and go exploring up the rocky hills. Try to hold his hand and you'll get an exaggerated shake from the head and a prolonged "NOOOOO!" His daddy and I are like, "Okieee, just trying to prevent you from losing a tooth or two prematurely" but you know, he's a boy, a classic outdoorsy kinda boy. We did make it all the way up and back down with no boo-boo's or scratches or falls (from me neither) and that was nice. It was also nice just hiking with my boys, exploring, and doing what we do best: being a silly family.

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