life lately.

hey guys, hope everyone's weekend has been off to a good start! It's a whopping 90's here in so cal and as much as we love and  have been soaking up the sunshine, this afternoon we kicked it indoors with the a/c. yes, we have officially succumbed to the the a/c. we kept it off to you know to help save energy and money but yesterday was a breaking point. sweating on the couch trying to read a book with a popsicle in one hand, ice water in the other, and an ice pack on my back and still just plain icky hot. yea i had enough. also we are like a few miles from the valley which is dessert weather over there. open windows and fans blowing end up just blowing hot air around, so thumbs up to a/c.

once it cooled down we headed out for the evening to run errands and enjoy sunset, which was nice.

on another note, here's bits and pieces of what we have been up to as of late:

jacebear helping me put some finishing touches in his big boy room. 
collage wall above crib is complete! room tour to come this summer!
visits with the great-grandparents are always sweet.
husbands who make a night run for 1 part yogurt and a gazillion
parts COOKIE DOUGH are keepers for sure.
jace snapped this photo of thumper, his favorite 
little friend to chase and snuggle.
cooking with fresh whole foods has been going on often.
spring always gets me back on track with eating light and fresh.
the COOLEST choo-choo-train bubble machine this little guy
got for easter from his grams + poppy. thanks guys!
my little succulent garden is blooming! jace has been helping me
take care and water the plants. he loooves to spray them. it's cute.
otter pops at the pool, thanks to our sweet neighbor.
this guy asks several times a day to paint. i love it.
playing dress up and being silly is a norm around here.
noming on a peach at the pool. so excited for jace to learn
how to swim this summer!
stamp art at its finest.

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