father's day // gram's birthday.

This little blog here of mine is the space where I like to record and share all the little things that make life pretty special. Since my babyboy, Jace, this space has become a little "scrapbook" if you will, of our life as a family of three. And yes I'm well aware that my posts tend to fall back a few months from when I'm actually posting, but that's life! I do make sure however to post them in a timeline order so that they make sense when I'm looking back on it in the years to come. So if you see a post here about the 4th of July in September...well you get the point ;)

Back in June we went to my Grandpa Bob's home to celebrate Father's Day and Jace made the sweetest little hand print for his dad. I think it's pretty awesome!

A week later we celebrated my mom's birthday! We all had a nice dinner out and then Grams took Jace for a ride on the choo-choooo! They were so cute riding in that little train. Leave it to my mom to do something fun for Jace on her birthday. But I'm pretty sure she loved it too ;)

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