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I feel so lucky as a SAHM to have so many awesome little job offers come to me in times of need. And not just in a "financial need" kind of way but also in a way that allows me to explore my creative side and and passions that I've always had such as, blogging.

I blog with my talented cousin Ciseal Amorelli, who is the editor and publisher for Macaroni Kid for Lakewood, East Long Beach, Los Alamitos, and Cerritos area. This is the perfect site if you love to be involved in your community and enjoy free or budget friendly things to do with your family in your area. To find your town click here!

I've had the opportunity to visit two really cool events at the Orange Empire Railway Museum and write reviews! Both were so much fun for my family. In October we went to their Pumpkin Train harvest event and just last weekend we went to their Thomas the Train event which Jace had such a blast at since "Thommy the Traaain" is a favorite of his, on top of his obsession with trains in general, and being the cutest Train Engineer for Halloween. So it was a hit. Scroll down if you are interested in reading the reviews and would like to find more information on these events! Thomas the Train is still going on mid. November so head on to the links below to grab your tickets!



Jace was a train engineer this year for     H a l l o w e e n     and he looked so flippen adorable!!! He's obsessed with "Tommy the Train" (Thomas the Train) and anything to do with choo-choo's, so his costume was pretty fitting. His dad was a Kitsune and I a black and white cat....nothing new there. We are going on 3 years of those costumes....but they are just so good and simple! One year I'd love to go full out though. Makeup artist and everything. One year.

We started out our night with a visit to the photobooth (a tradition we started not on purpose on Jace's first Halloween and only seems fitting to keep it up). Then this little train conductor got to ride the ghost train at the mall, trick-or-treat, visit family and friends, and suck on lollipops allll night long. Good thing he's allergic to dairy. He could have downed way more chocolates over lollipops ha ha *whew*

I always love Halloween with these guys. They make it so special every year.

Our past Halloween ventures: 

Jace's first Halloween as a pumpkin click here
His second Halloween as a sock money click here



I love October. It's the beginning of all my favorite months strung together full of holidays and traditions. I love making these special memories with my family and am excited to see what this year brings!

October has been a good one, per usual (thaaaanks October) and here are a few things that made this month so great!

::I've been enjoying cooking this fall and these beauties
 inspire me to get my butt in the kitchen more often::

::sporting his pumpkin hat all over town, knitted by his great grandma for his first Halloween::

::Halloweenie crafts with the cute girl I nanny while Jace naps::

::At target on a mission for MINTS::

::Love this baby face keeping me company while I sort through clothes to giveaway::

::This carrot cake cost an arm and a leg from Whole Foods (dairy free, gluten free, organic, yadayadayada...) but was so worth it for this boy who is allergic to dairy and had been asking for carrot cake for the longest time and was so thrilled to find it in the bakery section all on his own::

::nursing his bunny::

::Love seeing communities come together to help out others::


::Lately he's obsessed with the excerpts of Cars on Netflix and MINTS. Tic-tacs are his favorite::

::It was a visit your favorite bagel cafe kinda morning::

::skeleton friends::

::Halloween at Disneyland is my favorite time to go::

::Evening walks are best this time of the year::

::Chalking it up with my monkey::

::Arts and crafts at the kids club! Jace's is on the right with the eyes bulging out::

::A moment of peace when the wild child naps::

::Little bookworm::


4th of July.

I realize that it's October and here I am posting about the 4th of July? (Am I really??) Oh yes, I am ;)

We did nothing fancy that day but it was such a memorable day because 1) I had a mini photo-shoot with my little guy by that cool flag wall I've been driving by for a year now and always think "this would be great on the 4th..." You mean you don't think of silly things like that and plan ahead a year in advance?

And 2) Jace saw his very first movie, Rio in the movie theater that day! His Grams, Poppy, and daddy were all there too. He did pretty well sitting through most of the movie until the screen suddenly cut out and went blank...ah well what do you expect from the 3 dollar theater haha. Jace was so confused and blurted out, "UH OH....it broke!" After our 15 min unexpected intermission he was much less inclined to sit in our laps and be bribed with fruit snacks but the movie itself was pretty engaging for a two year old with all the singing and colorful birds. Jace loved it! We all went out to dinner, meeting up with my sister and her boyfriend and then headed our separate ways because if you don't know my adorable parents have a strict bedtime at 9:30 PM. They are cute.

We ventured on over to the park in our neighborhood to watch the fireworks and I proceeded to take blurry crappy quality iphone photos, but hey I love them so and the adorable boys in them.