Hello there!

We're moving forward everyday, planning and organizing but most importantly we are looking forward to your presence on our special day. All we could ever ask for is everyone's presence on our wedding day. We do realize however, that our families and friends may wish to give us a gift to commemorate our union. If you are interested we are now registered at Bed Bath & Beyond. Who would have guessed how much that store really offers! A good majority of their products we discovered were online. They could open up a vacuum store easily, despite the lack of room haha. The manager warned us that we would end up staying till closing and little did we know after 6+ hours we were the last to get our tired butts out. It was definitely an exciting experience. Shooting products is quite fun! Towards the end for fun we were practically playing laser tag cause it was such a delirious adventure.

toodles for now!
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Summer time!

We have OFFICIALLY finished our last semester at Moorpark College! *graduation song playing*
It was a great 2 years there where we had some of the best classes/ teachers/ experiences. Now we are ready for Sonoma State University, our new adventure!

Other updates....

This past monday I got my dress! It is perfect. We are so excited for our outfits because we are creating them!

We finished planning our formal invites and will be coming your way very shortly!

My mom & Nina are in the making of planning our wedding shower!

That's all for now but stay tuned =)

Bri & Ryan


Happy May!

Upon request of Johnny Boy, my cousin who is more like an older brother to me, Ryan and I will update our blog more often for our family and friends to be able read about our journey as we prepare for our marriage and begin our new adventure. Originally this blog was to serve as a basic wedding page, but writing of our little adventures is so much more exciting!

These past few months as an engaged couple have been exciting and filled with many decisions, BIG and small. A few weekends ago we attended a marriage preparation class for a lovely EIGHT hours, but it was well worth it. We even have our own little certificate and got packets of information that covered pretty much the basics of our marriage psychology class we took last year. All in all, the most valuable advice/wisdom we took from the marriage preparation class is the importance of a couple practicing in prayer on a regular basis together. This is something we both really want to make a daily part of our lives. I encourage all married couples to try this and become closer to God together!

Anyhooo, for more wedding details....my dress is currently in the making process! We signed the deal with our photographer who is the son of our DJ. They are both awesome people with a lot of talent and a twist of uniqueness. We're really looking forward to working with them. And our wedding planner could not have been a better match! She's lively, animated, and a unique individual with a great sense of humor. AND, our priest is pretty much just awesome and really cares about us. Also, two weekends ago we went up to Sonoma, were we will be going to school, and after searching through 20+ apartments we found our little home! It's pretty much PERFECT for us. The location is scenic and in a convenient location. Currently we are declared as double majors. Basically we are having a difficult time deciding between English or Liberal Arts. Either of us can go any which way between the two. We have chosen the path of the teaching field because it offers so much....too much to even let us begin without writing a book.

Even better news..... school is over in two and a half weeks! This means our time will be consumed with finishing off our finals so we will not be able to blog very often during that period however after we are freee, freee, freeeee! Then we will be able to hash out all the lovely details for our wedding and future, and of course keep up on our posts.

Much Love,
Bri & Ryan