rain & rainbows.

This morning was perfect.
I went for a run, and in the middle of my run it began to rain.
My music was on random and amazingly my favorite rain mood music.
(Blue Foundation and Bon Iver)
It was so beautiful and everything smelled like fresh pine trees.

The pathways up here are my favorite.
I get to run along little rivers, and forest trees that dot along the windy pathway.

And then, my day ended with a lovely rainbow.
I love my home.


*photo found via weheartit, unknown


Ceasar Chavez fair.

Saturday was our Ceasar Chavez Fair.
This was such a cool event and I felt happy to be a part of it.
There were so many amazing people there offering their services for free, ranging from haircuts, shots, farmers market...ect.

And of course our bike rodeo was the hit!
I worked the front booth, where I took pictures for their "bike ID's".
They came out adorable, I'll have to scan a few later...


ocean eyes.

As I stumbled upon these photos, I couldn't resist showing off these adorable faces!
These are some kiddos that I used to babysit.
I can't imagine how much they have probably grown by now...

But seriously just look at that cute face and big ocean blue eyes!


shamrock love.

Happy Saint Patty's Day!



my heart dropped 2 centimeters...

...when this little girl left me today.

Her and her two adorable brothers are going to a different school.
It's still close by, but it's not going to be the same.
That little girl above was an amazing little 2nd grader.
As my partner put it perfectly, "she's an old soul."
She's so wise.

Her and I have had some very adult like one on one chats.
Today she just told me "I just don't feel like I'm ready to leave yet."
All I could tell her was that just for admitting that, she will do just fine.
I'm sad that she's no longer in our class, but am happy to share her with another, because this girl is a golden little one.


community garden day part II: painting

we had fun painting broken pieces of pottery that are going to be used 
to make a mosaic in the ground in the garden.

paint warrior child

a few pieces I had fun with

mine & ry's

colorful mess

sign post I painted

i looove painting. It's so relaxing.
My ceramics class in HS really fueled my love for painting and molding.
Soon, (when the money comes) I will love to buy my own liitle paint set and all the  supplies and paint away on our little balcony...

do you have any favorite activities that bring out the little child in you?


community garden day part I: weeding

Our saturday afternoon was spent at my work's garden.
It was great seeing the community work together.

handmade bird feeders


cheers to hard work!

lots of sun and greenery.


ahhhhh, finally it's friday!

(photo taken summer of 2008 in New York...i heart NY)

Tonight I'm 5 minutes away from my favorite thing in the whole wide world....
relaxing after a rather hard week.
I have my netflix movie ready to go and am indulging myself, after an hour of running today, 
with dessert before dinner  =)
Good ole' cookie dough ice cream and a bowl of beans with vegetables and turkey.

let the relaxation begin!


my secret, or not so secret indulgence...

I was kinda thrilled last night when G.G. finally came back to life!
This show is like my shakespeare: comical, satirical, dramafull!
(yes, I made that up...)

Basically, I really identify with the character Blair. It's as if once I week I get to slip off my shoes and laugh at my deepest secrets/controversies being played out on screen. 
(wouldn't you want to know...ha)

Not to mention I love her style.
I'm a proud brunette!



sunny day of alice in wonderland.

Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day.
Ry & I went to see Alice In Wonderland with friends from my work.
We really enjoyed it! The magical feeling was definitely captured.
Alice in wonderland Quotes

Then the hubs & I enjoyed the rest of the sunlight
 with an evening walk around the quaint little town.