eleven questions tag.

What kind of blogger would I be if I never came through on a blogger tag? Even though this is (very) late, I came through! ;)

The lovely Ess from This Is Ess, tagged me to answer the following 11 questions. 

 Fill up a cup of tea, and Here.I.Go.

1. What is your favourite fruit juice? 
My Nina's fresh squeezed orange juice. She lives on a beautiful ranch orchard and sells the BEST orange juice at local farmers' markets. 

2. How long has it been since you last shaved your legs?
About 2 days ago I believe. Being preggers in this southern california heat means me wearing lots of light spring dresses-----> hence smooth legs :) 

3. If I was stuck on an island ... (finish this sentence)
I wouldn't be too distraught under these 3 conditions: one, my husband is with me. two, no hunger games trivia loops to jump through! and three, I'd like to be home before June arrives. Let's be real, I have a baby to deliver people! Other than that, bring on the bonfires.

4. What is the one thing you can never leave the house without?
My water bottle! (or 2...I'm a waterholic). 

5. What are your three biggest pet peeves?
*Cat Litter all over my home...even 2.5 seconds after I clean.
*Rude neighbors who smoke right outside by my window. Yuck.
*Snorers. I'm a light sleeper.  

6. What was the pit and peak of your day?
Pit: Not going to my glucose/iron testing this morning because I simply didn't feel like it.  I'll go tomorrow, PROMISE.
Peak: Playing "tag" with my little one in my tummy. He loves to tag me back when I lightly poke him!

7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
A fair amount, I'd say, for different occasions. Nothing too fancy or outrageous though. 

8. When and why did you start your blog? 
About 2 years or so ago when the husband and I got married and moved up north to finish our last 2 years of college. It was a way for me to keep in touch with my loved ones, share pictures, and all our adventures. I'm so glad I did because I love looking back on all the memories we made together for those 2 special years living away on our own. 

9. Would you rather kiss Lil' Wayne for 10 seconds or hold a snake for 10 seconds? 
Snakes are not so bad. As long as it's not some deadly poisonous monster! 

10. Who is your favourite person in the whole wide world? 
My husband, Ryan. Despite the ups and downs in life, we always pull through in the end and have each others back.  

11. Are you a coffee or tea person? 
I drink tea more often but have developed a love for "authentic" coffee as a treat. The real stuff is definitely something to appreciate!


22 weeks.

As I write this I am currently 33 weeks preggers, and have many little baby bump photos to catch up on. Funny thing is I thought my bump was pretty big here! It's nothing compared to my defined soccer ball tummy now though...and just to think it'll keep growing.

This little baby bump photo shoot was taken by my lovely mom in our backyard. My intent is to document my growing belly (not necessarily every single week) against a fun and unique background/backdrop. This is one of my favorites.


it's a...

eeeeeee! i'm so excited!

Ever since we found out we're having a baby boy back in January, I've already been collecting some of the cutest baby boy clothes...and guilt free. I have my favorite local vintage thrift store that's a mama's treasure chest. In the way back, tucked away in the corner of a closet, is a room full of the cutest baby items. Quality, clean, and perfectly stain free items! My son may seem spoiled with wearing the high quality (aka outrageously priced) baby brands such as GAP, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren yada yada yada...BUT the truth is I only spent under a dollar for each item of clothing!

(I'm very excited about this!)

I purposefully have his little clothes, shoes, and books in eyesight in my room because honestly it's something tangible that I can touch and look at that promises my baby boy will soon be in my arms. Like those baby tumbles and kicks. They make me squeal with happiness.


guest post.

Happy Monday friends!

Today you can find me over on Vic's wonderful blog FranklyVic
where I'm guest posting on my favorite part of the environment. She's off
exploring Ireland and I can't wait to hear all about her adventures!


easter sunday at the ranch.

{cake pops, made by me}
{yummy mini cheesecakes made by my cousin ciseal, she's a pro}
{peaceful bedroom view}
{me, baby bump & sister}
{beautiful fireplace with enough dreamy shelves for a collector such as i}

{cutest pair of best friends. these girls are all grown up!}
{old fashioned stove dominated by egg hunt preparations}
{my beautiful/hardworking mom}
{cutest easter eggs i've seen}

{precious baby girl}

{confetti surprise}
{this little boy loves his mama consu}
{little dude on a mission}

Easter spent at my Nina's ranch.
Good food. 
Delicious desserts.
Great family.
Cutest little cousins on an easter egg hunt.


Makes me so SO excited for Easter with my own little one next year!!


happy list.


1. my little kitty, Thumper, purring & snuggling beside me.
2. daydreaming about meeting our baby.
3. hiking to the top of a mountain to witness that breathtaking view.
4. all the love & generosity i feel from family & friends.
5. traveling anywhere with my best friend//lifetime partner//husband. 
6. sending and receiving little letters in the mail.
7. a full 8-10 hours of sleep, yes please.
8. buying fresh produce at the local farmers' market.
9. yoga. breathing. stretching.
10. feeling those baby tumbles & kicks in my belly.


across time.

 A few black & white photos from the past year or so found on my husband's phone that I love. Sweet memories captured in a moments time.