birthday dinner: part II

spicy tuna rolls
ramen: chicken, noodles, egg
chef david
chef ryan
sparkler dancing
favorite couple
birthday girl!

After a day hiking at Armstrong Redwood Forest and soaking in the sun at Johnson's beach we sure built up an appetite. A quick trip to the grocery store for a few essential items and a stop at our place for goodies we already had (it's a nice thing that we lived in the same complex), we were well on our way to making one of the most DELICIOUS homemade meals. Of course the boys did all the cooking (we are lucky girls!) while we snacked on edamame and sipped on sake.*

After our meal of spicy tuna rolls + california rolls + chicken ramen (i told you we were  h u n g r y), we celebrated with red velvet cupcakes made by Ryan and green tea mochi!! Ryan and I had a bag of left over sparklers from the 4th, so we took the party outside to dance in the night with glowing sticks of amazingness.

I really miss these two. I'm crossing my fingers they move down here next year!

*my dear friend christa was cheering & taking "shots" of sake while this divine japanese rice beverage is meant to be savored.... she's just that cute.


bestie's birthday:part 1

1- armstrong forest. 2- the crew. 3- birthday girl in a tree cave. 4- gigantic redwood tree.
5- hub's + me. 6- piece of natural art. 7- surrounded by trees + more beautiful trees. 8- the boys. 
9+10+11+12- soaking up the sun at johnson's beach.


25th family reunion.

Saturday was our 25th family reunion! It was so nice to see everyone and catch up. I feel very blessed to have such a unique bunch of people to call family. I love how each family wears different colors: the Frutos (my side) wears baby blue. When we are all together, we all resemble a family rainbow with all the dark blue, yellow, green, red, burgundy hues together. The best part about moving closer to home is being so close to family.

i love mi familia.


little bike ride adventure.

While living up north, we found many scenic bike routes and one hot summer evening we decided to go on one. Our little adventure at first was quite peaceful until I heard a loud "ZAP!" on the side of my back and milliseconds later felt a shaper stinging pain which resulted with me screeching to a stop on my bike. Let me tell you... it is not fun being stung while zooming down on a slope. It was in fact painful. I can deal with a shot, maybe two. But this felt like I was given a shot every 5 seconds in continuous spasms for 3 hours.

As we headed back to the car, we bumped into some paramedics who were fixing the elevator that got stuck (with people in it) we were about to go in. They informed me I had not only been stung once by a wasp, but two times! ayeeee. Guess it makes up for a lifetime of never having been stung...ever, haha*

*good news: i was not allergic! hurrah!


making our move.

            P A C K I N G                         M O V I N G                                         
     {using newspapers, magazines, fabric scraps}                        {boxing, labeling. it's a process....}
                                                           H O M E !

I apologize for being absent as of late. It's been a week since we've made the BIG move and we're still busy settling into our new home. I tell ya, moving is quite the process but I know a majority of you all understand since many blogger friends are moving right now too. Apparently July is the month to pack up your things and move!

Cheers to change and new beginnings!

I have a few more Nor Cal posts coming your way, so stay tuned!


2 years.

Ryan and I have been married for exactly 2 years today!
I love this guy more and more everyday.
We still have a lot of growing up to do but,
 I'm content knowing we get to grow and travel  on our journey together.

{love conquers all} 

{this is the message inscribed on both our promise rings and wedding rings, our belief which unites us together}


hot air balloon ride.

A few weeks ago Ry and I rose early in the morning for a 5am hot air balloon ride! Why so early you (and I) ask? Well, there is a pretty good explanation...it's safest to fly either early in the morning or late in the evening because the air/wind is calm. Hey works for me, I'd like to land in one piece. 
There was something quite peaceful about floating in the sky across beautiful Napa Valley, especially so early in the morning. Very refreshing and a great way to get some perspective in the very beginning of your day, eh?!
After our adventure of floating above in a basket and balloon (sooo cool!) we commemorated with a complimentary brunch topped with fresh mimosas. Yummm.
I'm so happy we finally got to go on our hot air balloon ride! It was a birthday gift from Ryan's dad last year and we were waiting for the perfect weather/season, and it was sure worth the wait!


independence day.

We kicked off our celebration for the 4th of July on Johnson's beach. The weather was so hot, a swim in the russian river was a much welcomed relief. There is something so timeless when I'm out about in nature. It's as if time stops just for that moment.
After our swim in the river, we walked around the quaint downtown area visiting the cute shops, letting the sun dry us off.

Picked up the simplest ingredients at out market to make a delicious beverage: Peach Collins. Inspired by the lovely cupcakesandcashmere

Fun Fact: Emily from cupcakesandcashmere was the 2nd blog I subscribed to 3 1/2 years ago before I began blogging!
Whip yourself up this lovely concoction, recipe here.


The hubs made a delicious summer dinner which consisted of corn on the cob, burgers, pinto beans, macaroni & cheese, potatoes and a couple slices of watermelon for dessert! We packed everything up and ate a family style picnic while watching the fireworks show at a park.

Happy 4th friends!