christmas with the henkels.

Amazing food and amazing company was how we spent our Christmas. 
We're just so lucky to have family no matter where we go,
 and this year has reminded me that family is the most important thing in life. 
The people who will always brighten up our day. 
So, here's to family and a new year!

little traditions.

1. Our new Christmas Eve tradition in remembrance of Ryan's grandpa: Jack-in-the-box dinner!
2. Hanging colorful lights & Kimiko looking around in awe.
3. Hanging bells & Thumper wearing them.
4. Cozy fireplace & Tsukiko cuddling by the warmth.
5. Stuffed animals all out and about.
6. Penguin decorations.
7. Christmas cards displayed.


ginger bread houses {the old fashioned way}.

Because we are just so cool we made ginger bread houses the old fashioned way: graham crackers + frosting+ a few pretty candies and we've got ourselves an original holiday treat. 
Not that we ate it. After an hour or so of fun both ended up in the trash because our kitties would get their paws on it and we prefer to not attract ants.
After a night full of fun, my two babies cuddled up for some nappy time.

brunch at Arrigoni's Delicatessen & Cafe.

On christmas eve, we enjoyed our meal over at 

Arrigoni's Delicatessen & Cafe on 4th street downtown SR. 

Their black bean soup is my favorite. 

So is walking the christmas lit streets after a nice but not too filling

 meal and enjoying a big cup of chai. 


jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...

Merry Christmas to all,
 and to all a goodnight!


merry christmas eve folks.

What I love most about Northern California, are all the pine trees everywhere. It's pine tree galore up here and thankfully because of this, christmas trees are being sold off the road every other mile. I love it. It looks like christmas!
This almost makes up for the fact that this will be my first year not spending christmas with my family because the hubs has to work. This year my family is throwing our traditional Christmas Eve party for my huge mexican family and it makes me really sad that I'm going to miss that. But more than that I'm thankful everyone's alive and healthy in my family, and that will always suffice. So, sending love and  happy new year cheers to all my family members, and hope they all have a wonderful night.


renegade holiday craft fair.

The craft fair was once again filled with our favorite vendors. We both brought home some good finds.
Me: super soft, cute sweater with a pretty vibrant blue feather design + a small glass bowl that's growing a pretty pant inside.
Ry: a rad wallet with an octopus design on the front + like 4 cool t-shirts with fun dinosaur and other prints.

Hooray for successful shopping!
I'm already looking forward to the next renegade craft fair.

*on saturday we also celebrated our 6 year anniversary of when we first began dating. it's been non-stop since then and i love it all.


22nd birthday!

Last Friday, the hubs and I celebrated my 22nd year of life. The day started off with sleeping in for a bit, a nice long workout, and a hot shower...my perfect way to begin a day. Then we headed on over to Simply Vietnam for lunch and ordered our usual bowls of chicken & tofu curry, strolled along 4th street shopping in the cute boutiques and spotted my purple knitted head piece that I'm sporting above. 

Of course birthday's are never complete without cupcakes, so Ryan treated us to Sift: A Cupcakery, my favorite place. I even scored a free cupcake sparkler! Later that night we went to the HopMunk Tavern in Sebastopol where we enjoyed some good music by Forest Day and some good food & wine. 


holiday craft fair.

Hey pals, just a little update I'd like to share. Renegade holiday craft fair this weekend in the city! If you happen to be in close distance it's worth it to come on by. The hubs and I will be there tomorrow, meeting fellow bloggers and celebrating our 6 year anniversary as a dating couple (yes, we still celebrate that one). Can you believe he asked me to be his girlfriend on my 16th birthday?! Now we've been married for a year and a half. Time sure does fly by.

Speaking of time flying by, yesterday December 17th I turned the big ole' 22! I'm so old. Ha, no not really :)  Stay tuned for photos that involve elated happiness, sparklers, cupcakes, and a few bands or two.

xo. bri


eastern market.

While we were over in D.C. we ventured on over to Eastern Market. Unfortunately, it was a quick little visit since we had about a million things on our to do list. With no doubt I could have spent a good half a day there just sorting through all the goodies at the market (just look at those adorable cat figures pictured above). Then again, I just love markets in general, especially one's where multiple creativities and cultures combine to create an inviting atmosphere.