herbal facial steam.

I don't know about you but I've been feeling pretty stressed out lately with the end of my school and work year ending, and sometimes all I need to combat the crankies is some perspective and a little "me" time. This Aromatherapy site has all sorts of lovely concoctions that soothe and relax. Facial steams are also so great because they help detox, hydrate and nourish your skin! My go to recipe once a week has been this simple facial rose water steam:

  •  1. Boil water
    2. Place dried rose petals in a bowl

  • 3. Pour boiled water over the petals 
    4. Add 2 drops of lemon oil + 1/2 cup of chamomile herb + 1 drop of lavender oil

  • 4. Cover your head with a towel and place it over the bowl to prevent steam from escaping

  • 5. Steam your face for 10-15 minutes

  • 6. Pat your face dry with a towel and (apply a facial mask for deep cleaning)
     then apply a light moisturizer. 

     Voilà!  Rejuvenated baby soft skin!

  • 5.16.2011

    monday musings.

    2 classes down, 2 more to go! Gahh, don't you just hate finals week?
    Well, it's more like finals month over here, but enough about that!

    Likes for today:

    .picking up our caps & gowns! 

    .our pretty white tassels

    . completing my last college presentation & paper, ever! muhaha :)

    .eating a humungo salad for dinner at fresh choice finished off with vanilla ice-cream in a little cone

    .pretty macaroons from ry's birthday

    . my mama's mini records collection 

    .discussing our future with my best friend over a cup of tea

    .calming pitter patter of rain outside my bedroom window

    .snuggling with my kitties in bed

    .all my lovely blogger pals, you guys rock!



    teacher wardrobe.

    Sometimes I like to browse on the interwebs and pick out outfits for certain occasions I'm looking forward to. Basically, this is my grown up version of playing dress up (although there is proof I've played dress up in my 20s but shhh we'll dismiss that one for today). I kinda, sorta love these dresses from modcloth, and can't help but see myself wearing these as a future teacher with a class full of my very own little students! I'm already beginning to add cute and modest clothing items to my "teacher wardrobe! " Paired with a cardigan, and I'm ready to go...

    C L A S S I C  B L U E S


    B L A C K S  &  W H I T E S


    N e u t r a l s


    V I B R A N T   H U E S


    Can you guess which one is called the "Coloring Book Dress?"*

    Actually now that I think about it, much of this clothing resembles the retro/vintage fashion my mom wore in the beginning of her teaching career. Now if she'll only let me alter a few things she used to wear...hint hint, hah.

     She was always a classy, modest dresser and I'm proud to say we have very similar tastes in clothing. I have learned quite a few things from my mama and I'm really thankful I'm going to have her as my number one resource as a teacher, and not just for fashion sense! (ahem, creative lesson planning ideas!)

    *if it wasn't already obvious, the teacher in me must inform: the last one in the 4th row!

    bits of ry's birthday, part II.

    dreamy bicycles.
    just for fun.
    beautiful view of the city behind us.
    this is why I love beach towns.
    tree lights near sidewalk cafes.
    i want one!
    pretty trees & buildings.
    this man's work of art: balancing rocks, amazing!
    homemade goodness.
    chocolate chip cooke dough!
    California poppy!

    We celebrated Ry's 22 years of life adventuring in Sausalito, the cute coastal town mentioned hereBoy was it a beautiful, sunny day! 
    Perfect for a sunday adventure.


    fire by night.

    After spending parts of our day herehere, and here we ended our day together overlooking the bay. I for one was transfixed by the beauty of the golden & red hues of the glowing bridge at night time and the clear view of the city lights twinkling across the waters. I cannot explain what a luxury it's been living
    less than an hour from San Francisco these past two years. I sure love my city by the bay.

    keep on moving.

    This quote stuck out to me because it's so relevant to everything going on in my life right now. Running, hiking, stretching, swimming are all things I need in my life on a daily basis.
    I'm not sure why it took this long to realize this, but the act of moving is a pure and simple part of my life that keeps me whole and connected and is something I need to pursue on many different realms and levels. Never ever, will I take my ability to move freely for granted.


    bits of ry's birthday, part I.

    my birthday boy.

    sift's red velvet cupcakes.

    historic downtown in sausalito.

    art house studio we happily stumbled upon had a 
    wall dedicated to 365 iphone photo project.

    we fell in love & bought this print!

    sausalito shores.

    More pictures to come of Sausalito, a new favorite beach town of mine! 


    happy mama's day!

    Happy Mother's day to the kindest, wisest, gorgeous, loving mama I know.
    I look up to my mom so much, and aspire to be just like her one day to my own child.
    I'm truly blessed to call this beautiful woman, inside and out, my mom.

    & a happy birthday to my man! 
    i love you so much and will always cherish the day you were born into this world.


    scenes on pier 39.

    If your a San Franciscian, I know Pier 39 can be overrated at times, but there's something special about taking mini visits to the tourist locations where you live. I can actually feel the excitement from other travelers in the air. Walking past all the sweet scented bakeries, fresh fruit stands, silly side walk entertainment, and carousels makes me feel giddy like a little girl all over again. Plus, the location makes for a romantic date with my hubs where we love to visit our favorite quirky stores, such as the magic and candy shop, and eat the best clam chowder bread bowl soup with a side of sweet potato fries. Also, on a beautiful day such as today, the view of the bay & bridge during sunset is breathtaking.