I believe in us.

Today, a year ago, 
my hubby & I said our vows & tied the knot.
One of the most memorable days of my life.
A promise I made to my best friend that I am proud of and will forever cherish.

Happy Anniversary Ryzors.
Thank you for a wonderful year.
 I'm looking forward to many more to come with my lover boy.


sugar bear's cupcake shack.


This is from when I went home to visit my family back in June. We ventured over to Ventura and found this cute cupcake place on Main Street. It's definitely not as amazing as our Cupcakery over here, but it made quite the uproar. The store is kinda hidden pretty well, you have to go down a tiny alley, so most didn't know there even was a cupcake place. It was quite funny how a bunch of random strangers  kept stoping us to ask my sister where in the world she got that from and how much they were craving a cupcake at that moment. It came to the point where we decided this cupcake shack should pay her for all this advertising that was going on.

With that said, I'm  now having a terrible case of sisterly-separation. 



The hubs and I spent a lovely evening over in Cloverdale, a quaint little town that has regular community get-togethers. We went to their FNL, which featured some fun music, good food, & a mini farmer's market. 


Everything was cute and simple, leaving time for Ryan and I to roam the nearby streets, analyzing nearby homes and what our future home would have and not have. So far here is a list we've come up with:

1. Small town
2. Dark streets so we can stargaze on the roof and play around with a telescope
3. Near things to do and places to visit (aka: not in the middle of nowhere)

1. Has a porch
2. Friendly neighborhood
3. Not plain looking... Has character
(yess I know this is not very specific but I can't stand plain houses on plain streets. It's not inspiring.)

Mind you, this list is small, but we have just begun to even consider serious house-hunting.
I just can't stand the thought of paying rent for much longer on an apartment that we'll never truly be able to call our own. 


spring lake.

Spring lake is a big part of what makes Howarth Park insanely gorgeous. This is just one of those many days we like to spend here. This time we went hiking. Hubby promised that we'll go canoeing or kayaking soon. We'll definitely have to own our own boat someday or if money won't allow for that then a blowup one is a consideration. Any floating device will do. Or maybe we can be really cool and build our own raft out of logs of wood and sticks and stuff like in Huckleberry Finn. 


Ryan made friends with this little woodland creature. 
In my opinion, he got a little to close for my liking. 
They practically shook hands.


carousel & mini trains.

I was a little too giddy to take these two photos over at Howarth Park, officially my favorite summertime spot. I am enthralled by the ancient chimes of wonder, adventure, and simplicity that is usually characterized by the essence of childhood. These two photos reflect a deep feeling that's been residing within me for some time. A feeling of wonder, adventure, and simplicity. Or rather a desire for it. 

These summer days have been moving rather slowly than what I'm used to. Of course one part is due to the fact that I am not employed for the next two months, but that was a personal choice. A major part, I recently realized, is the drastic comparison of last summer to this summer. Last summer I was planning my wedding with my hubs, worked at a daycare, had a wedding shower, had my wedding (anniversary coming up soon!), went on a two week honeymoon, got in a serious car accident, transferred to a new college, made quite a move up North and so on and so on. I was crazy busy last summer! And now I'm just trying to figure out the rest of my life. 

*cheers to life*


rainbow sparks & snow cones.



Our 4th started out with a nice picnic at the lake. Of course it would not have been complete without snow cones! (wayyy too much food coloring). We had an American filled dinner with hot dogs, potatoes,  & vegetables cooked by friends and watched the local Petaluma fireworks. 

A midnight run for yogurt ice cream was of course what made the night.


happy 4th!

This photo was taken the summer of 2007, the year Ryan and I graduated HS and spent a week up in Seattle, Washington visiting with his grandpa (who quickly grew to become a favorite of mine). He opened up his cozy home to us that resides on a beautiful lake. I loved waking up to that view and going for picnics on the boat. Hands down one of the best 4th of July's I've ever had. Who knew Roman Candles would be so amazing to fire over a lake?! I have a feeling this year will be pretty memorable as well. 

Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend!