succulent garden.

welcome to our little succulent garden! finally, the hubs and i (with le bebe in tow) took a saturday afternoon to add some pretty greenery on our small porch. most we planted together, but a few we purchased pre-made. the whole process was pretty therapeutic and it's always nice to go to a from home passing these pretty plants. i even took jace out on the porch for breakfast just because it was a nice refreshing place to be. and being on the 3rd story in our apartment building adds for some nice mountain and sky views, so i'm pretty happy.


walks around the park.

i know i've said this before, but for reals, walks with my little man are my absolute favorite! i'm pretty sure jace loves them too. my stroller FINALLY came in (oh only like 10 months late, nbd) so we ditched our old graco for our fancy jogger stroller and let me tell you it is the limousine of strollerland! it's so smooth and light compared to our old one, which we kept as backup for daddy's car so we don't always have to switch. 

alas, i'm loving the sunlight staying up longer and longer in the sky. means spring is just around the corner!


griffith park observatory.

we often make random trips to LA and on this day we were visiting a few shops to find a new earring for the hubs. the little shops we were visiting were so close to griffith park observatory, so i said, why not? luckily my hubs is a space nerd, lover of astronomy, astrology, basically anything to do with math + outer space, so clearly there didn't need to be much convincing from my side. and the little one loved it too and seemed pretty into everything, just like his daddy.

we had a fun family day filled with some yummy food, and some gorgeous sunset views.


birthday festivities.

 just some photos of fun birthday festivities. jace's cousin turned the big ole' ONE. 
he's such a cutie.
 i can't believe how fast our babies are growing up. 
later that night we headed on over to celebrate our good friend dana's and her hubby's birthday. 

lots of birthday fun in one day!


happy february, folks!

7 month check-up, weighing in at 21 pounds.
waiting patiently for his doctor.
my sister makes pretty bows for kimiko to wear. she thinks she's a princess.
playing soccer with poppy & grams.
hanging out with his auntie ari.
just some of our (my) favorites.
donut shop coffee is a favorite, thanks to a relative of mine. i'm hooked.
"umm, mama, i'm sinking..." hence the unsure expression, haha.
my grandma's go to coffee.
my sister's imitation painting she did last year for spanish class.
he loves bathtime. so do i.
pretty fabrics i purchased for some pillow making.            

time is flying over here. i can't believe how fast time goes, especially when you have a little one keeping you busy. between nannying my nephew and my son during the weekdays, and catching up with family, friends, chores, and errands on the weekend, it's hard to keep track of time. my mantra last year was "focus" since i juggled quite a bit bouncing between many jobs whilst being pregnant. i went from working at a daycare weekdays and working weekends at a harvest festival, to nannying up to 12 hours a day, to working from home scoring calls from my computer for car dealerships. i had to focus on pushing through, taking care of myself, my health, and my baby.

 this year i feel that my mantra is to "mindfulness" which is simiar to "focus" but more of an emphasis on the importance of taking time to really be in the moment. i like to take little moments throughout my day to pause and maybe watch my son sleep, his eye lids fluttering, or maybe take my lunch outside to absorb some sunlight and listen to the birds chatting, leaves rustling, neighbors flute playing in the distance. this little boy of mine is growing up fast, and i don't want to miss a blink of it.

do you have a mantra you're focusing on this year?