little critters.

Aren't these little ones so cute?

We would happily take all these babies home except for the fact that we already have three of our own at home, and I'm not so sure it'd go down well. Just think: birds chirping, cats attacking cute birds chirping, guinea pigs squeaking because crazy cats attacking birds chirping. No bueno.
But at least they were fun to play with. 
We call them our pet shop friends.

p.s. i've been working on a little house cleaning on the blog. i'm enjoying the new look. clean & fresh, just in time for spring!


good day.


Sometimes all it takes for me to have a good day: 

Little white bow in my hair, 
wearing my favorite striped sweater [found last year for $2 at goodwill!], 
eating lots of salad with bell peppers + garbanzo + kidney beans,
 almost all of Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD thanks to my bebe, 
baking batches of lemon bread [way to addicting]

oh and sleeping in.
i need those zzzzzzz's.


spring is in the air.

Heart shaped bowl I discovered at the dollar store in japan town
 has been officially filled with blueberries and blackberries...yum!

Pretty japanese bottle that now makes the perfect home for my flower.

Can you say I love all things Japanese?   
Or that I'm excited for little bits of spring to start popping up here and there?



for japan with love.

Sending positive thoughts & healing prayers to Japan in their time of need may seem trivial in comparison to what the country is going through, yet it is one of the most powerful things we can do. This past week my blog over here has been pretty quiet because I've been contemplating over how sad and terrifying it must be for all the people of Japan right now. 

For the past few months Ryan and I were making plans in the following year to apply to Japan's JET program to go overseas to teach English abroad for a year. Now I want to go more than ever and help in any way I can, but I'm also aware that leaving home to help others means sacrificing my time with my family (and I've been living 8+ hours away from them for two years) and time with family is precious. Who knows what the future holds. 

Thanks to utterlyengaged.com  I will be participating as a blogger in a Day of Silence tomorrow, Friday, March 18th.  All this means is no posts on Friday, in memory for the victims of Japan.

and any little bit helps...

ShelterBox provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters at the time when they need it the most. 

Please visit For Japan With Love to learn more about this cause and donate to the relief efforts


date night.

Last Sunday, we met up with our good friends for a bowling night.
Some fun was definitely had. [let's just say, ryzors & I may have or may not have won*, not that we were competing or anything.] Who knows though, next time they may show us up. 
*Fun Fact: Apparently Ryan used to be on a competitive bowling league back in middle school! Ahhh, more and more reasons to love this guy.


point reyes.

Last Sunday we made a day trip over to Point Reyes which happens to be the second foggiest place on the North American continent. BUT, to our surprise it was a bright blue sunny day! The scenic windy drive alone was reason to go to this place. So peaceful and beautiful. Not to mention the breathtaking views from the top of the mountain (happy sigh). We originally were hoping to see some whales way out in the blue waters but we're too absorbed in adventuring around the rest of the area. Hopefully come late March, we'll make another point reyes visit to actually sit down and watch the baby whales and their mamas swimming close to shore!
Below is a photo of a burrowing owl! I think I may have squealed!
She popped up in awe at the big bus we were in. Cutest expression ever.
& a little hello from the tule elk. precious.


BE YOU (tiful).

We are all beautiful in our own unique special way
 and I am so blessed to be able to surround myself with so many beautiful,
 inspiring people* each day (including blog peeps!)

*spotted poster above on one of my favorite professor's door. if you ever get the chance to take a class with Ianthe Brautigan Swenson at sonoma state university, sign up! i promise you'll be inspired. 


high tide.

Despite feeling a bit overwhelmed with life these past few weeks with
 receiving unsettling news, graduation soon approaching, 
and very in the near future decisions needing to be made,
 I haven't lost sight of the little things that make me smile from the inside out.

1. Lunch break with my Ryzors & a huge bag of yogurt covered pretzels.

2. Clock tower on campus.

3. In the library on a rainy day finishing school work with a tid bit of daydreaming. 

4. Pomegranate greek yogurt. I love the fruit filling!

5. The hubs brought home a little treat for me after a trip from Oliver's Market. 

6. Oh how I do love little treats, especially in the shape of miniature piglets (almost too cute to eat).

 I'm off to a warm shower and hopefully a good night's rest.
sweet dreams blog land.