babybear picks out a christmas tree!

we live in a teeny tiny apartment (1 bedroom to be exact) and have a babyboy who just loves to climb, hang, run, and jump all over the place, so this was the perfect year to bring home a little christmas tree.

a christmas tree that jace picked out!

lately when mama or daddy can't make up our minds, we let jace do the decision making for us! and lately it's been working like a charm. here is jace, pointing to the tree that we happily took home. he also picked out our tree topper the other night because (once again) i couldn't make up my mind! i love how decisive he is. this kid knows what he wants.

nothing more classy than picking a christmas tree out at home depot :)
but it's the kinda tree that comes in a pot, so after all the holiday festivities we plan on planting it!

we will be sure to visit our local tree farm again though! such a beautiful place.



the night before thanksgiving i roasted my very first turkey (of course it was already cooked) so i really just reheated it for 90 mins, basting every 15. but hey! i'm a beginner. next year will be the real deal!

that morning jace and i baked some chocolate chip pumpkin muffins for our family get together that afternoon. jace loved them, sans chocolate chips of course because the poor kid is allergic to dairy...

... but somehow he ate something at the thanksgiving lunch that caused him to have his 3rd (bleh) allergic reaction... so with puffy eyes and a not so happy babe our festivities with everyone were sadly cut short. after a long nap and lots of benadryl our babe was feeling much better and the hubs and i got to enjoy a simple + romantic thanksgiving meal at claim jumper's (something we've always wanted to do) while jace slept it off peacefully next to us.

and a thank you to all our family members who reached out to check up on how jace was doing. so thankful to be apart of such a loving bunch of relatives. and thankfully after 3 days he was back to normal!

all in all, it was a wonderful thanksgiving, and this year, 2013, has been such a blessing.



oh my goodness this post is so late but for the records! - i had to post our halloween with my adorable sock monkey, foxy hubs, and me as a black kitty cat.

it was a memorable evening!  jace experienced his first halloween carnival that was held across the street. it was a fun little shindig where jace got to trick-or-treat and bust some moves on the dance stage.  i even got to take my halloween photobooth picture for freeee :) last year we took one at the mall, so i figured it'd be a fun halloween tradition to keep up from now on.

 the hubs and i also got to have a lovely dinner date while our sock monkey of a babe took a little snooze. 

and of course showing off his costume at the grandparents took place.

 t'was the perfect halloween night with my little family