the world is a child's playground.

The world is this little guy's playground. It doesn't take much for his love of exploring to kick in and his curiosity to take him right in.

Walking, running, climbing, going under and over,  on and off, up and down, and in between are just a few of the things. I'm amazed at how he stops to notice the difference in color and texture on the pavement that he'll cross, turn around, and go back to just look. Or shadows dancing on the walls. Or the bars in the middle of the sidewalk, perfect for swinging. Or the pops of bright yellow in the plants and flowers. Things that we adults usually walk on by without notice or care. Real life in art form.

It's these little things that really awaken our senses to soak up and enjoy the little things. The simple things, because a little goes a long way, is a general rule of thumb I like to embrace.


rocky peak trail.

See those gorgeous rocky mountains there? They are kinda my favorite and just so happen to be our view from our balcony and bedroom windows. So I figured exploring them would be fun and fun we had! Jace just ate.it.up. out there. He was so eager to get out of the carrier and go exploring up the rocky hills. Try to hold his hand and you'll get an exaggerated shake from the head and a prolonged "NOOOOO!" His daddy and I are like, "Okieee, just trying to prevent you from losing a tooth or two prematurely" but you know, he's a boy, a classic outdoorsy kinda boy. We did make it all the way up and back down with no boo-boo's or scratches or falls (from me neither) and that was nice. It was also nice just hiking with my boys, exploring, and doing what we do best: being a silly family.


serenata trail + to great grandparent's house we go.

So now that January is almost over, it's finally getting good. That must mean February will just keep getting better! We rung in the New Year with colds and then once we all started feeling healthy again the stomach flu took us down, one by one. It was pretty horrible. First my baby, then my hubs, and of course me (the one who was trying to take care of everyone else) so things got pretty messy. All this while in the middle of moving... but now that we are feeling healthy and back to normal things are looking pretty bright these days.

Last weekend we met up with grandma Grams for a late evening park adventure and a mini hike during sunset:
not too sure about the cactus plants behind him, eh?
picking flowers, such a romantic this boy.
hiking up to the top with such determination...he would not let us hold his hand! mr. independent, sheesh ;)
made it to the top with the ball in hand (it made it down too).
grams + grandson.
jace walked up to the basket hoop, stood a few feet away, looked up, and actually tried to shoot! as far as i'm concerned no one showed him how to play some basket ball...
jace's beautiful great grandma with his grandpa.
and his dapper great grandpa.
my monkey boy and please excuse my drunk tired face.
at his other great grandma's house, exploring.
all eyes on the monkey boy.
always being silly.

I love that Jace gets to spend quality time visiting with his great grandparents. 
I love that he lights up their faces with joy and fills the room with laughter.
I love that he knows he is loved and cared for by his family members.
I love this family of mine.

Happy Friday! Here's to another great weekend!


a very merry christmas!

So my "Merry Christmas" post may be a tad bit late... a little over a month to be exact. But HEY, Christmas year round is a thing, no? Ok well maybe not but it just doesn't feel right to end the year 2013 with no Christmas so here goes:

Some of the fun holiday festivities that went down...

:: our christmas cards that we made ourselves. d.i.y. post to come! ::
:: jacebear got artsy and made his own christmas cards for family ::
:: h e l l o  to you from a fancy red ornament ::
:: decorating our baby christmas tree ::
:: big boy topping the tree with the glittery golden star ::
:: we went with a woodland animal theme tree this year. simple and so far my favorite ::
:: handmade, babymade cards ready to be sent out ::
:: bringing out the festive christmas jammies ::
:: candy cane treats on christmas morning aka sugar rush! ::
:: my favorite display ::
:: family parties and games ::
:: my colorful boy ::
:: baby cousins ::
:: my baby sister and i, royally failing in a one handed gift wrapping contest ::
:: cutest cousins ::
:: our picture with santa this year...haha ::
:: he knows where the party is at!  ::
:: photos 24/7 ::
:: my beautiful relatives::
:: amazing party hosts up there! ::
:: bustin a move or two ::
:: busy body, always on the go ::
:: i love how jacebear's hand is resting on each of them. such a loving little bundle of joy ::

:: unwrapping gifts with the cousins ::
:: he loved the dance floor ::
:: my silly boy ::

:: and below is our annual trip to the local candy cane lane on christmas eve. jace was in awe ::

This Christmas season was filled with lots of love and joy and a huge portion of that is from my little jacebear who emits such light and reminds me of all the magic of everything around us.