Macaroni Kid // Orange Empire Railway Museum.

I feel so lucky as a SAHM to have so many awesome little job offers come to me in times of need. And not just in a "financial need" kind of way but also in a way that allows me to explore my creative side and and passions that I've always had such as, blogging.

I blog with my talented cousin Ciseal Amorelli, who is the editor and publisher for Macaroni Kid for Lakewood, East Long Beach, Los Alamitos, and Cerritos area. This is the perfect site if you love to be involved in your community and enjoy free or budget friendly things to do with your family in your area. To find your town click here!

I've had the opportunity to visit two really cool events at the Orange Empire Railway Museum and write reviews! Both were so much fun for my family. In October we went to their Pumpkin Train harvest event and just last weekend we went to their Thomas the Train event which Jace had such a blast at since "Thommy the Traaain" is a favorite of his, on top of his obsession with trains in general, and being the cutest Train Engineer for Halloween. So it was a hit. Scroll down if you are interested in reading the reviews and would like to find more information on these events! Thomas the Train is still going on mid. November so head on to the links below to grab your tickets!

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