3 things that are making me happy.

1. Beautiful terrarium in a glass bowl with the cutest handmade crafted blue birdie to call it home. One of the many little treasures I brought home with me from the SF Holiday Renegade Craft Fair. Learn how to make your own terrarium here!

2. Nike, goddess of victory in ancient greece. Bought this beautiful mini statue at the Getty Villa in Malibu two years ago after taking a course studying Ancient Greek Art. As a long distance runner, the symbolization of Nike as the goddess of strength, speed, and victory is inspiring. 

3. View from our bedroom window of the neighborhood creek.

hope everyone's week is off to a lovely start!

oh my, pretty sky.

Pretty skies are all I need to feel alright. This past month I didn't always particularly love waking up at 7:30am monday through friday for a month for winter session, but driving* to class under a blanket of blue with white puffy pillow clouds makes it all alright. 

*no worries, i was in the passenger seat when i snapped this photo. no illegal, unsafe driving here. and when i'm driving and want a photo i pull over because i find joy in going out of the way to enjoy little beauties. 


petals & stripes.

I just love cozy, antique furnished inns. They make the best getaways. Over thanksgiving we stayed with Ryan's family at Boar's Head in Virginia and right about now I'm craving a weekend getaway in a small cabin on top of a mountain. For now, starring at these photos will have to do.


a night at the cinemas.

Usually people go to the movies to actually watch a movie. I however sometimes go to the movies to visit my favorite face in the whole wide world. And sometimes he'll make me a cup full of popcorn seasoned with lemon pepper and sea salt. If I'm lucky he'll give me money to go next door to East West Cafe (a new favorite of mine) to get a delicious vegan dinner. Oh and I can't forget the warm cup of tea he makes me. I love tea. And that boy.


meet peanut.

Over Christmas break, my sister brought home a new addition to the family, a baby kitten! 

Meet Peanut. 
She can balance a ball on top of her head (for a good 1.5 seconds)
Play hide-and-go-seek for hours on end (darn her ability to squeeze under any piece of furniture)
 Cuddle and snuggle your sleeps away
 Go crazy over a piece of string or anything that moves her way
Has the courage to approach a male cat 20x her size and say hello
Enjoys free rides, even in your purse
Purrs like a motorboat
& melts hearts away*.

*I can't wait to see little ms. peanut on my next visit home. Hopefully she hasn't already grownup on me!


up, up & away.

(see that little spec in the far distance?)

The weather these past few days has been absolutely spectacular: Mid 70's, clear blue skies, golden hue sunsets, acres of green dewy grass. While driving through Petaluma Hill Road the other day I spotted to my happy surprise a hot air balloon drifting above. Of course I made a few driving excursions to snap a few photos and share. 

This only makes me more excited for the hot air ballon ride Ryan's parents got him for his birthday last May. We're planning on mid spring/summer, that way the weather is guaranteed to be beautiful, much like the day pictured above.