Engagement photos on the beach

My mom & sister
we're kind enough to photo shoot our engagement pictures,
and I have to say they are pretty pro photographers =)

Some of the photos were set upon the tables
at our wedding
for our guests which was pretty cool.



peach hill park

This is my cousin Juan.
We had a little fun photoshoot at the park.
Isn't he adorable?



Wedding Shower

We really enjoyed our wedding shower =)
It was a pleasure to talk, eat, catch up and play a few fun games with everyone.
Soo here's some pics from our memorable day:

<3 thank you all <3

Grad shout out

Yay for another graduate!
Down three (me, ryan, and now brett)... and two more to go (tyler and ari)
Brett is a cool kid =)
& we are very proud, congrats Brett!


quick update

We've heard from a few of our guests that they received the save-the-date card but not the official invite. As of what we know all of them were sent out so if this is you please don't hesitate to let us know. The postal service has not been our best friend through this process, so our apologies for not being kept up to date with the invites and such. Also, if you have not sent the rsvp card yet, we would really appreciate it if you could pop that in the mail. As most of you know wedding guest head counts are not as simple as just a number but a whole organized system goes into being prepared.
Thank you, we can't wait to see you all =)