the daisy dress.

Everyday Musings (Olivia) is one of my favorite blogs to read and she is having a fabulous giveaway!
The daisy dress is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months! 
It calls for many sunny picnic days and exciting vacation getaways. 
Shabby Apple is one of my favorite online sites to just browse through endless amounts of beautiful clothing.
Go to Olivia's blog site to enter the giveaway by leaving a comment here.


hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


little letters.


Dear sun,
    Thank you for popping out today.

Dear 2nd graders,
Thank you for making laugh so hard, tears spill out.

Dear husband,
Thank you for leaving dinner on the stove.

Dear Thumper,
I secretly love it when you cuddle with me when I'm trying to read.

Dear Kimiko,
Do pencils taste that good? Well I love you anyway.
(i just caught you chewing on the corners of my book....)

Dear Tsukiko,
You are mama's little trooper. Thanks for taking care of Kimiko & Thumper.

photo via mailbox


san francisco...the city i love.

I love san francisco.

i'm so glad that ryan and i only live 40ish minutes from SF.
there is something different about the beautiful & wonderful city, set on rolling hills, 
surrounded by blue waters and classic buildings. i love the unique architecture especially.
this weekend the hubs and i are considering going to the chinese new year festival in china town. 
(which is such a fun street to walk up and down on) the last time we went was in LA and it was eventful. but i can't imagine how much better it could be on the classic sideways, decorated streets...
that is if i can blow over this cold thingy i've had for the past 2 weeks, and convince myself i can finish the essays i have lined up... but if we do decide to go, i'm more than ready with my camera in hand to take more photos like the ones above. it's always fun to look back on them and discover things in the backgrounds you didn't know were there when you took the shot.


we'll see.


dreamy polaroids.

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.
-Henry David Thoreau

the polaroids calm & cool are a limited addition and are captured through the eyes of an amazing photographer Alicia Bock, who can be found here.


geetesh anusati art.

in my last post I talked about how ryan and i found this amazing art studio.
we saw a random art sign on the side of the road and as the curious little couple that we are, decided to make a little visit. we got the chance to look at some amazing art, meet a sweet couple and sit down with them and drink green tea and  healthy, fresh baked out of the oven homemade cookies.
go take a look at their website: geeteshanusatiart

as a valentine gift for my ry, i got him my favorite print:
the inscription means
"The whole sky belongs to you."


valentine's on a sunday. my favorite.

our day was somewhat unexpected. 
we drove to my favorite place on earth, sonoma county state beaches.
a good friend from work suggested we go a month ago, and i fell in love.
i'll share pictures of our first visit soon.

we are both sick and broke, yet it was the best unplanned valentine's ever.
in the words of my parents, everything fell into place, kinda like our relationship...

it went a little something like this:
{this post is quite picture heavy, but i couldn't help it. each photo really captures something important in life. love was being celebrated in many shapes and forms today, whether it be with their pet dog, girlfriend, grandpa, child, a past loved one... and it was quite beautiful}


i love old cemeteries. 
i can't help but wonder who each individual is and what path they walked in their lifetime.

at first i wished i didn't rush to take this photo. but when i stopped to really analyze it, i like the touch of blurriness that heightens the mixed emotions of love and lost.

a friendly llama

this photo deserves its own post, especially since i told the adorable artists that i will pass word of their beautiful studio.
so tomorrow i will share our discovery.
let's just say, it was a random visit well spent.


cupid love.

Happy Valentine's day! 
& a big happy birthday to my daddy!

this print is the epitome of my relationship with ryan.
Partners in Crime
i want to own our own print one day, & instead have our own picture of us.

Much Love (Red)

i love ashley g. and drew's artwork!

to check them out visit their etsy shop here



heart shaped things & some love.

i'm becoming a teacher fanatic, by heart now.
i love these!

(so many art projects up my sleeve for the years to come)
today was valentine's day at work.
my lovely babies (my 2nd graders) surprised me with some fresh yellow roses

& lovely handmade cards

i can't explain how much my heart goes out to these children.
this morning i woke up feeling sick, and ended the day with a fever and a sore throat like a bull frog? 
(i dunno...my point is i felt like crap)
 any other job, i would have called in sick and stayed home.
but seeing these 2nd graders bright, loving faces, only made me feel better.

i couldn't ask for much more.

 heart via here


this photo was taken summer of 2007.
my family & i went on a road trip.
the hubby & i were collecting pebbles & skipping rocks

i'm craving a hot summer day in the outdoors so i can dip my feet in the cool, refreshing water...


baby steps.

The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.
-Solomon Ibn Gabriol