heart shaped things & some love.

i'm becoming a teacher fanatic, by heart now.
i love these!

(so many art projects up my sleeve for the years to come)
today was valentine's day at work.
my lovely babies (my 2nd graders) surprised me with some fresh yellow roses

& lovely handmade cards

i can't explain how much my heart goes out to these children.
this morning i woke up feeling sick, and ended the day with a fever and a sore throat like a bull frog? 
(i dunno...my point is i felt like crap)
 any other job, i would have called in sick and stayed home.
but seeing these 2nd graders bright, loving faces, only made me feel better.

i couldn't ask for much more.

 heart via here

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  1. love those heart paperclips...your little ones sound so sweet; what a rewarding job! :)

    happy valentine's day to you!