san francisco...the city i love.

I love san francisco.

i'm so glad that ryan and i only live 40ish minutes from SF.
there is something different about the beautiful & wonderful city, set on rolling hills, 
surrounded by blue waters and classic buildings. i love the unique architecture especially.
this weekend the hubs and i are considering going to the chinese new year festival in china town. 
(which is such a fun street to walk up and down on) the last time we went was in LA and it was eventful. but i can't imagine how much better it could be on the classic sideways, decorated streets...
that is if i can blow over this cold thingy i've had for the past 2 weeks, and convince myself i can finish the essays i have lined up... but if we do decide to go, i'm more than ready with my camera in hand to take more photos like the ones above. it's always fun to look back on them and discover things in the backgrounds you didn't know were there when you took the shot.


we'll see.

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  1. i've only been to san francisco once but i have to say while i was there, i loved it :)