Meet our fisheees
Goo Goo,
Mr. Ottis

They are the cutes little things with googles for eyes
(hence their name)

oh & Tsuki 
pronounced sue ki
is adorable

our little family is complete!



The past few days have been really pleasant:
*I got my first pay check 
*We caught up with old friends of ryan's & went to the Blue Grass festival in San Francisco and had dinner on the pier at Bubba Gump...yummm
*We bought our pretty bedset
*ryan broke our bed by simply sitting down... so we're kicking it japanese style with the mattress on the floor
*We cleaned our little home and began fall decorating!
*ry made delicious chocolate chip cookies
*and the hubby made me a feast of shrimp while I stuffed my face and watched our monday programs (our only programs we watch dedicatedly... House, Gossip Girl, and One Tree Hill!)

These are the highlights of my week =) 

It's the little things in life

& in celebration of our favorite month...
Meet our new family member...
our little black kitty

We adopted her last week & absolutely love her.
She's our little bundle of joy =)


Time flies

Yes, time has flown.
And I have to say it has been time well spent.
Over labor weekend the hubby & I took a night bus/train home 
to see our wonderful family and celebrate my mama counsu's  birthday!
Within that time I'm now a working woman as well!!! I have to say I enjoy my job.
I work for an after school program for students.
I tutor 2nd grade =) 
I basically have a little girl I tutor one on one with reading.
And after is "cool school".  Another mentor and I 
share our own class of 2nd graders and it's awesome.
I pretty much work 12-6 and I'm putting this out there because I absolutely love what I do. 
I love the fact that I'm working for min wage and love that every cent of energy and effort put forth is worth it.
All I'm saying is that it's really important to love what you do.
Cause then you'll be happy and so will the people around you =)
All in all the HUBBIEeeee also got a job!
He works for cut co and I love his positive attitude.
He's my working man.

Did I mention we've bumped into some pretty amazing people up here?
I seriously believe our lives have a magical purpose 
and each day has proven so.
I've met so many people here who share the life view
 I have embraced and 
so many more who help us to grow and expand ourselves and our minds.
I can't wait to share with the world.

besides the loving ears of my hubby, chit chats with classmates, 
and the open hearts of the children I work with, and of course
this little blog for now can serve as my outlet into the world across boundaries.
In this way, I appreciate technology.


Happy September!

Yesterday I went for a run and it feels good to be running again. 
I can only take the the gym for soo long...
Since the area is still new I just kinda went anywhere that looked like a path for peaceful running
& lukily I found a nice pathway. Turns out their are many pathways for bikes/runners/walkers ect everywhere!
I have to take pictures sometime cause the area is really pretty. 
Caves of hovering trees and windy pathways along a river leading to cute bridges.
Anyway, it was a great discovery and I'm looking forward to my next running exploration. 


Backyard Dinner

Last night ryan & I had dinner with the Henkel Family. 
Mike & Debbie are my dad's college buds back from when they all went to Sonoma!
It was a lovely get together and go figure we have ALOT more in common than we knew!

Mike showed us around

Went to our first Taco Truck!

ordered delicious corn, rice, beans & tacos
we will be back for another order sometime

their backyard is very cute

dinner table
this reminds me of the secret garden


Dashel is a mini ryan!

I'm excited for our next get together with the fam


The Little Red Bike

I'm very excited to write that I am the giveaway winner!
One of my favorite blogs to read, The Rockstar Diaries, has random fun giveaways and this one was any photo of your liking from an amazing photographer artist Monica Shulman aka ciao chessa.
It was obviously hard to choose but my hubby & I ended up going with
The Little Red Bike.

I absolutely love this particular photo because as college students riding bikes is a main source
traveling from class to class. Not to mention it's fun.
On campus there are all sorts of cool colorful bikes ranging from mountain bikes, street bikes, cruisers and on and on.
Lately I am in love with certain cruiser bikes. They just appeal to that child inside me. I feel that when I look back on this photo which will be on our wall soon, it will remind me of those youthful college days my hubby and I spent on our many little adventures.




ahhh finally her new album has arrived =)
It was well worth the wait because she puts sooo much of herself into her music.
Her voice is so unique and almost hypnotizing.
would love to see her in concert one day.
This video is fun to check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MbyFELkXBw
She is such an inspiring artist!



Make a wish!

It's my little sister's birthday today!

& these are clay cupcakes I made in my ceramics class as a senior back in the high school days.
Speaking of high school I can't believe ari is going to be going into high school this year! Crazyness. What happened to the little wacky haired baby running around in diapers?
Now she is 14!

This cute goof ball right here:

I wish I could celebrate with her today but when I come down to visit soon we are going out!
I'm really proud to be her sister. She's growing up to be such a beautiful woman and I love her dearly.

School bells are ringing

Today is the first day my hubby & I attend Sonoma =]
We are on our 3rd year of our college years and even though we will be ready to graduate in two years their is no desire to get out any day.
We're both studying to become teachers.
I think this is playing into the fact that I'm learning to appreciate and enjoy learning more than ever.
It's a dual effect really. I love so many inspiring teachers I've encountered who fuel my mind and heart with amazing advice and wisdom. And on the flip side I am enjoying the process of one day becoming that teacher.

On another note our little home is cute and cozy. We are really grateful for all the amazing family and friends who have been so supportive and strong for us. Later I'll be posting pictures of our wedding and honeymoon. Both we're life experiences that are molding us into a strong couple Our honeymoon consisted of a road trip in our little mazda 3 through nevada, arizona, utah (zion national park & salt lake city), Idaho, Montana (Big Sky resort), to Wyoming. This is where plans changed a little bit.... er okay A LOTA BIT.
This is where we hit a deer driving to out hotel at 3 in the morning (bad idea) and totaled our car. We spun out and once we hit the gravel at a decline flipped three ish times. What's crazy is everything was so peaceful and calm and then literally boom. In one second our world was upside down. But we are only stronger now. Not only did we come out with minor scratches a baby kitten would make, I understand even more what marriage really means. Someone said how this just comes to show that we are surely meant to be together in this lifetime. That really hit me hard. All I know is that this marriage, this time we have together will never be taken for granted.



Engagement photos on the beach

My mom & sister
we're kind enough to photo shoot our engagement pictures,
and I have to say they are pretty pro photographers =)

Some of the photos were set upon the tables
at our wedding
for our guests which was pretty cool.



peach hill park

This is my cousin Juan.
We had a little fun photoshoot at the park.
Isn't he adorable?



Wedding Shower

We really enjoyed our wedding shower =)
It was a pleasure to talk, eat, catch up and play a few fun games with everyone.
Soo here's some pics from our memorable day:

<3 thank you all <3

Grad shout out

Yay for another graduate!
Down three (me, ryan, and now brett)... and two more to go (tyler and ari)
Brett is a cool kid =)
& we are very proud, congrats Brett!


quick update

We've heard from a few of our guests that they received the save-the-date card but not the official invite. As of what we know all of them were sent out so if this is you please don't hesitate to let us know. The postal service has not been our best friend through this process, so our apologies for not being kept up to date with the invites and such. Also, if you have not sent the rsvp card yet, we would really appreciate it if you could pop that in the mail. As most of you know wedding guest head counts are not as simple as just a number but a whole organized system goes into being prepared.
Thank you, we can't wait to see you all =)


A shout out!

Congrats to my baby sister on promoting! It was an exciting weekend for her: going to disneyland with her school, school dance, and of course promotion, and we are very proud of her.
isn't she gorgeous?