Meet our fisheees
Goo Goo,
Mr. Ottis

They are the cutes little things with googles for eyes
(hence their name)

oh & Tsuki 
pronounced sue ki
is adorable

our little family is complete!



The past few days have been really pleasant:
*I got my first pay check 
*We caught up with old friends of ryan's & went to the Blue Grass festival in San Francisco and had dinner on the pier at Bubba Gump...yummm
*We bought our pretty bedset
*ryan broke our bed by simply sitting down... so we're kicking it japanese style with the mattress on the floor
*We cleaned our little home and began fall decorating!
*ry made delicious chocolate chip cookies
*and the hubby made me a feast of shrimp while I stuffed my face and watched our monday programs (our only programs we watch dedicatedly... House, Gossip Girl, and One Tree Hill!)

These are the highlights of my week =) 

It's the little things in life

& in celebration of our favorite month...
Meet our new family member...
our little black kitty

We adopted her last week & absolutely love her.
She's our little bundle of joy =)