downtown san diego // flashback friday.

for today's flashback friday here's part ii of our trip down to san diego last august. 

we explored around downtown, listening to mariachi bands, taking in all the lovely smells at the coffee shop, indulging in fresh baked churros, roaming the farmers market, and enjoying all the shops of cute and pretty things. it was a lovely sunny day spent with 2 of my favorite people.


memorial day.

our memorial day was pretty nice. we started our day with breakfast at Jerry's Coffee Shop and a visit to the park to run around and get the sillies out of our crazy energetic boy before nap time. later that evening we met up with family at a local park that had a concert going on. lots of dancing, exploring, and climbing went on for this little guy. after i treated my boys to some cold stones, raspberry sorbet for jace, milkshake for the hubs, and half chocolate ice cream // half cherry yogurt // topped with almonds. half the guilt for me, hah ;)

random note :: our side of town had a power outage for about an hour the other night, which was kinda thrilling in a silly way. everyone walking around outside with their flashlights. felt like one of those times i went camping as a kid and we all went on a night walk, roaming around in nature. 

even though we are well stocked on flashlights last night also fueled a target run to stock up on battery operated lanterns. our emergency duffel bag is legit. especially since ryan won an earthquake kit that's filled with everything you could possibly think of. now let's just hope we never have to use it for anything serious. BUT cheers to being on top of our game!


san diego wild animal park // flashback friday.

i thought it would be fun to introduce a new theme for fridays on my blog: "flashback friday!"

as i'm scrolling through my iphoto of millions+millions+millions of photos i'm seeing all these wonderful photos that hold special memories that i'd love to document and share!

august 2013 my son and i took a mini road trip (2+ hours) to visit our bestie ms. fox in san diego so of course we made plans to visit the nearby wild animal park! i believe the last time i had been was when i was 2 years old and have this photo of me: this chunky babygirl sitting on these log steps. for some reason it's a favorite of mine. so i loved that i got to take my babyboy.

it was hotttttt. i'm not going to lie. BUT we had a good time. thanks to my friend here for capturing in the photos my boy and i. she is the sweetest friend and even spoiled me with a gorilla stuffed animal and jace with a lion stuffed animal! love her and am so happy we made a trip out. another trip this summer is in the works for a visit :)


mother's day.

happy mother's day to all the mama's out there! mama's-to-be, expecting mama's, mama's with angels flying in heaven, mama's who adopted, mama's who foster, women with a motherly care for a child...everyone. 

my mom is such a beautiful mom + grams to my baby. she's the best! so loving and always there for us.
jace's great-grandma, mama consu, is a mama warrior
10 children she gave birth to and raised and till this day she still helps take care of grandchildren. 
she's amazing.
 all the cousins playing in the arcade. jace is a mini of his dada, arcade lovers.
 and this wonderful mama is my nina who we all adore and love. 
she watched jace so ryan and i could eat lunch, thank you nina!
 grabbing some mexican food for dinner off of main street, a favorite. the flan is delicious!
 then we headed to the beach to walk and explore.

 rocks ryan collected for a painting sesh later with jace.
 feeling so blessed. my heart is full.

 always more than happy to give his mama kisses or besitos!

 it took about a few trips to the beach prior to this but jace has finally warmed up to beach sand!
 once he realized how much fun ( and messy) it could be nothing would stop him from plunging right in!!

such a beautiful mama's day with my loves.