memorial day.

our memorial day was pretty nice. we started our day with breakfast at Jerry's Coffee Shop and a visit to the park to run around and get the sillies out of our crazy energetic boy before nap time. later that evening we met up with family at a local park that had a concert going on. lots of dancing, exploring, and climbing went on for this little guy. after i treated my boys to some cold stones, raspberry sorbet for jace, milkshake for the hubs, and half chocolate ice cream // half cherry yogurt // topped with almonds. half the guilt for me, hah ;)

random note :: our side of town had a power outage for about an hour the other night, which was kinda thrilling in a silly way. everyone walking around outside with their flashlights. felt like one of those times i went camping as a kid and we all went on a night walk, roaming around in nature. 

even though we are well stocked on flashlights last night also fueled a target run to stock up on battery operated lanterns. our emergency duffel bag is legit. especially since ryan won an earthquake kit that's filled with everything you could possibly think of. now let's just hope we never have to use it for anything serious. BUT cheers to being on top of our game!

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