hello pumpkins.

 Myself and some lovely co-workers got to cut and gut quite a hunk of pumpkins that
 were donated to us for the kiddos. It's quiet the sight walking into a classroom
filled with pumpkins.

I'm hoping the hubby & I will be making some pumpkin bread this weekend!
happy pumpkin season! xo.


antiques & relics.

 Antiquing is just one of the many things that brings simple pleasure in my life. Ever since the husband and I ventured into a nearby town, Sebastopol, I've been desperate to visit many of the little antique and vintage shops that line the roadways. 

The other day we went window shopping just checking out all the random little knick-nacks. With my happy little eyes, I spotted a beautiful treasure! A china cabinet that looks like it came straight out of a store like Anthropologie, only for a fraction of the price! Sadly we haven't been able to pick it up yet cause of the non-stop, unpredictable rain but be sure pictures will be posted.


jónsi, soundtrack of my night.

Tonight, I treated myself to a beautiful concert to see the lovely

 The opening band, Mountain Man had beautiful voices too.

Honestly if you get the chance to see this band live, do it. The performance was breathtaking, and at one point everything was so beautiful I chocked up a bit. Oh and his outfit is pretty awesome, so vibrant and full of life, just like his music.


frozen in time.

Lately I feel like time is rushing on by. I'm finding it hard to digest all of what has happened in just these few couple of years some good some not so good. If just for a while I'm hoping time could stand still, frozen in a moment of clarity that I can hold onto that will help push me further on...

Photo credit goes to the husband & lovely Stinson Beach. Thanks pal.


oh heat waves.

As much as I'm not a fan of this heat wave that has hit Nor. Cal. for the past few weeks,
 it happens to be the perfect excuse to eat bowls of watermelon everyday!
(gotta keep on the bright side somehow...)

But seriously where is my fall weather?
Please be kind enough to grace us with your wonderful presence soon.
And yes, I realize that I just created a "person" out of a season.
We're just bff's like that.


I can feel the earth beneath my toes.

It's probably not a surprise that one of my favorite things to do is to go on hikes. Northern California holds a variety of beautiful trails that I'm always excited to venture. 

On this particular day the Mr. took me out for a hike (I fear going alone). We were looking for a specific trail but ended up way out in the boonies and well if you know my husband and I, we're all about random, sporadic adventures. So we decided to take a windy backroad that led to a pretty cool trail area and headed on out.  Almost two hours later we witnessed a breathtaking view of Sonoma's rolling hills, hiked up the most unbelievably steep road for a good 20 minutes, had fun like eight year olds with the echoing of our voices from the mountains, and walked calmly through a batch of bees. eeek! (actually, Ryan walked calmly while I squeezed my eyes shut as he gave me a piggy back ride.) I don't like bees. Just honey.

The best part is always the lightness I feel after a good long hike in the outdoors. Oh and that he gave his evening shift away to another coworker just to spend more time with me! (it is very rare he's willing to skip out on any shifts, so this was a win for me!)

*hint, hint for the Mr: let's go on another hike soooon : )



just thought the date 10.10.10 was kinda cool and eerie.

oh and here's a little hello from Thumper to you.
 she's a cutie.


stinson beach.

We made the drive to Stinson beach a few weekends ago and the weather was beautiful. It was a perfect mini-getaway to use our new bike rack which made for a perfect coastal bike ride. Don't you just love refreshing day trips? Something about fresh beach air really clears the mind. And thanks to the husband, I was brave  crazy enough to climb the steep cliffs. Minus my scaredy-cat self I will say the view was quite breathtaking.

p.s. I finally learned how to literally create my own header! (yes, this is a huge accomplishment considering my computer challenged ways...) : ) 


hellooo october!

Dear October,

Boy am I glad you've finally made you're way here. 
Hopefully you're here to stay...& not fade in and out with these horrible heat waves.
Although, I have enjoyed watching your transition from green leaves to vibrant hues of orange.
Crispy cool mornings, october night sunsets, pumpkin spice lattes, colorful tights & scarves, canopy's of trees with your gorgeous leave carpeting the roadways...I'm in love.

love, me.