down by the bay.

I snapped this photo some time ago of a girl biking the Golden Gate Bridge, something I plan on doing multiple times this summer. Being active is one thing I'm focusing on this summer now that I officially have more time to myself. Being active in the physical and mental sense. Challenging myself with little goals each day reminds me that I do not have to be involved in some major project or job to feel like I'm making a difference. So if you have some time to yourself this summer, try challenging yourself with little goals, because in the end they make a big difference.


sights from the city.

Just some random pretty sights while wandering around the city that we love. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


SF: museum of modern art.

The Museum of Modern Art was really intriguing and fun. I got to walk around with a little head set that offered information on any piece of work that I was interested in. Plus, I got to feel all sophisticated and all...contemplating the meaning of a painting.

The headset explained how these types of paintings are created for others to meditate on the precise colors, space, and lines that are to inflict a sense of calm, peace, and wholeness.

The Looking Glass: This painting is absolutely hands down my favorite. It's a collage depicting all the various roles of women and feminism. The struggle of balance between outward and inward beauty, and creating a voice and impact.

This sun painting, is actually a collage of hundreds of pictures of the sun found on Flickr. I love the effect of the depiction of the sun in it's different states.

I would love to own this beauty.


train rides on the coastal starlight.

In the past two weeks I've spent a total of 21.5 hours on a train.
In this time I was able to read a book, start a new book, watch a movie, munch on snacks in the airy cafe room, & make new friends. Apparently when you're sitting next to a stranger for 10+ hours it's quite easy to become pretty darn good buddies.  Oh and of course I snapped some photos of the vast scenery.

On another note I totally miss my family.
It was great spending some quality time with them and my friends.
Seriously some of the best people I know.


happy b'day to my momma!

Happy birthday to the most amazing and beautiful woman I know, 
my mom.

Thank you for the endless amounts of love, care, laughs, & joy you bring into my life.
Thank you for always believing in me and being the best role model a daughter could ever ask for.
I hope you celebrate with some Jamba and relax today  : )



happy father's day to my daddy.

Dear Dad,

Thank you for being the best dad I know.
I love you with my whole heart and am so lucky to be the daughter of one of my favorite people in the world.
Thank you for being a silly egg head who is always making me laugh and reminding me of the person I want to be.
Most of all, thank you for being my dad and always believing in me.


& I know Ryan will one day make a great daddy like you.


SF: little italy.

I think I startled this guy.

Union Square Park.

I just noticed the girls little bonnet hat behind me & my tired face...very cute hat.

Jack the wack?! Good guy.

I loved walking up and down the streets of Little Italy, even though my husband may argue otherwise.
[We walked for miles up and down the hilly city trying to find Little Italy until we realized we actually passed it miles ago... and my little feet were burning by the time we reached our destination.] Luckily, the park in Union Square was the perfect spot for a little rest and downtime. I can't actually tell you which italian restaurant to dine at since we both weren't in the mood for heavy pasta and ended up eating, of course, mexican food! See, I'm a mix of Italian, French, and Mexican, so I felt a little bad not trying out the other side of my roots since I'm always eating mexican food...good stuff.

Ah well, Next time for sure.


SF: candy baron & chocolate heaven.

Pier 39 has some of the best candy shops around. It is already a treat simply walking around the humongous barrels filled to the brim with mouth-watering sweetness.

The colorful baskets that frame the door, for customers to fill up on their classic candies, are genius.
You feel like a itty bitty child on Halloween or Easter, hunting around for the best treat.

& of course I can't forget the CHOCOLATE.
As a devoted chocolate lover, they got the name of this place on the dot.


SF: afternoon adventures in the park.

After a busy few days walking around 24/7 we took an hour in this beautiful park to lounge and enjoy some Yo Cup, the best frozen yogurt ever. The fruit was the best part, fresh, juicy, and sweet.
I feel another craving coming on...

And we shared this wonderful view of this majestic Irish Catholic Church

It was even more amazing inside.


s. cal, here I come!

Good morning sunshine.

Today, I will be riding on a train for a good ten hours!?
At least it gives me a good time to read quite a bit.
I'm a little bummed I can't just take the Shakespeare Express above.

I'm so excited to catch up with my family & friends and hopefully catch some scenic views during the ride!

photo via henleynews


SF: my favorite cafe.

This is one Cafe that I sincerely miss. It had everything that I could possibly crave, which for this particular morning was fresh fruit, homemade vanilla yogurt, and a berry pomegranate juice. Can I put an emphasis on the homemade yogurt?! It was amazing. All of their pastries, pastas, sandwiches were all homemade with fresh ingredients. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of this little Cafe but I do remember that it's down a ways near Sutter Street...I could probably walk there with my eyes closed. [Yes, I loved it that much].