peace & love.

Good ole' Chinatown is a place I can go to and always see something different or  spot something that I didn't notice the other 10billion times. Come to think of it, the city is pretty much that. Always changing and full of treasures in unexpected places.

1. Peace + Love. Pretty cool mural spotted down an alley. Come to think of it can peace exist without love and love exist without peace? And is that a doctor tending to a heart? hmm I dunno but I like it.

2. Chinatown and it's vibrant decor.

3. My mom found this so of course I took a picture. I am tempted to go back and buy it and post it for my very own parking spot on campus. This is also the store where I finally found and bought the little white lanterns I've been looking for! I still have yet to find a suitable place to hang them out of reach of the cats. oh yes.

4. Cool little mustard colored shop.


hello again.

Happy 15th to my sister!

This past week has been terribly busy (but in a good way) with school starting up again and what not. I even got to finish some fun projects on the side, one of them being a birthday card for my lovely little sister for her big 15th which we celebrated on Thursday virtually with fun birthday messages (I wish I could have been there). The card I made for her was from the Renegade Craft Fair we went to early August that I talked about here and here. It was quite fun sewing in colorful threads that outlined into a cute little cupcake. Oh and of course personalizing it with my collection of Hello Kitty stickers!

*photo taken via ShakeIt photo app on husband's phone.


floral dresses by the pool side.

Soaking up the last few days of summer is what I've been doing the last month and while it was good while it lasted, I'm ready for Fall. I'm super stoked to go back to work and see all those amazing children learn and grow. I'm also ready to finish up my 4 year degree of liberal arts at SSU and collaborate with intellectual minds. This is not to say my blissful days of laying by the pool, sipping juice, with a book in my hand is coming to an end. Instead my summer reads will be replaced with school reads and luckily my teachers  know how to pick good books (most anyway). Oh and my love for breezy floral dresses won't be coming to an end either now that they can be paired with  tights, boots, and a cardigan.

This weekend I'm looking forward to seeing the movie Eat, Pray, Love as I previously raged about here, going hiking, bike riding, and tidying up our office for the new school year. 

Have a wonderful weekend!



Happy Anniversary to my mom & dad!


...these are just a few of the many qualities that I see in their relationship everyday of every hour. 
They are an inspiration to me.
And I love them very much.




As Autumn falls upon us, a season that holds new beginnings, I can't help but feel the bittersweet transition of a new year: the start of a new school year, work environment, or just environment in general. Change is on the tip of our fingers, inviting yet scary all the same. As for me, I am anticipating future events with eagerness but am always aware of the uncanny feeling of fear. Fear of the future, the unknown, and what I undeniably know. 

So to help myself feel a little bit more grounded amidst all the fog and dust I have created a little tradition for myself: to find something that will inspire and invoke a sense of peace. One year it was this movie, Freedom Writers, that inspired me profusely and this year it is this book, Eat, Pray, Love

I am currently indulging myself in this book and am loving it. I'm a fan of Julia Roberts and am more than excited to see her casted in the movie as well, of course once I'm done reading the book. I'm also excited to have discovered Dogeared's Collection of beautiful gems that have been inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's journey through Italy, India, and Indonesia in search of pleasure, devotion and balance. 
I love the idea of creating unique pieces that each have a special message from the book that we have connected with and can now carry around with us as our own journey unfolds. 

Happy readings! x.o.


summer nights.

Words cannot convey just how nice it was to have my family in town with us. Sharing our favorite little hot spots with them was a lot of fun! This days was filled with a yummy Taco Truck visit and lots of time strolling the downtown area that had a mini farmers market. I love how my parents posed in the last few pictures...too darn awesome. It's so great to share these short but quality visits with them because it reminds me how lucky I am to have an amazing family who always makes me laugh (quite a lot) and always has my back.



family time!

Last week, my family made the trip up North to visit with us! Ryan and I got to be the tour guides while showing them all our favorite spots in Northern California. On this day, we took them to the beautiful Glass Beach. Who would have guessed that a once long ago junk yard would turn out to be such a wondrous sight full of glistening stones of glass in all shades of color.

my mom discovered lots of hearts! must mean good luck or something...

 my two favorite women in my life.

 & my two favorite men in my life.

my sister is a true risk taker. next up- the Grand Canyon.


anniversary date night.

A few weeks ago we celebrated our one year anniversary by simply enjoying each other's company. Kudos to the boy for coordinating our outfits. He picked out the dress for me and the black shirt and crimson tie, a mix of our wedding colors! What a sweetie. Later that night we saw the musical Avenue Q which was quite comical. Basically it's a Sesame Street version for adults, and we found ourselves laughing quite a bit. We ended the night with a game of Scrabble, a favorite.


R.I.P. to our little blue mazda & deer.

It has now been a year ago since Ryan and I got in our car accident. We were on our honeymoon when it happened (luckily near the end), when we hit a deer in the middle of the night. Unfortunately it spun our car out of control and we flipped quite a few times. Thankfully, we walked out with a few minor bruises and scratches. 

All I can say from my experience is that things can happen in a flash, when you least expect it, so never take anything for granted. Some of you also know I had a spiritual feeling before the accident as well (I won't go into detail) so if you would like to know you can contact me. But I will say God is real. Family is real. Love is real. And these are the things I'm most grateful for.


renegade craft fair.

oh hello friend's adorable craft stand! So happy I got to meet her!

There is something special about an arts-n-crafts fair. The creative atmosphere of people from all different spectrums working and creating together is a magnificent sight. Ryan and I discovered some little treasures that we happily made a place for in our home. (soon to be shared  in a future post).



off to the craft fair!

Hello friends, long time no see. July flew by for me. 
This past week the hubs and I traveled down home to visit the family and friends. 
Already miss everyone, but boy am I glad to be home with our girlies. 

Today, we are bringing in the month of August here!!

I might actually meet some blogger buddies!
Have a lovley Sunday!