Easter Sunday.

We had ourselves a happy little Easter last Sunday at my Nina's ranch, an annual tradition that I'm so thankful Jace gets to experience with all his cousins and family.

All the cousins, pre- easter egg hunt! Aren't they all so cute?
Confetti eggs made by my sister. Pretty but can be dangerous when she has 2 cartoons full...
Great-Grandma Mama Consu. We all love this beautiful mama.
Of course the first egg Jace picks up has melted chocolate spilling out on to his shirt... oh boy.
Cute cousin Logan on the hunt!
Coloring with Grams.
Uncle John and his boy.
Easter is not complete without a watermelon slice bigger than your face!
And more bubbles:

Tio Rey!
Tio Ralphy!

And of course a photo with the Easter bunny, thanks to his Grams for making me make Jace take one! For the books, for the books :)