my little man.

i love, love, LOVE this little guy more and more every.single.day.
the way he smiles, falls asleep, and coos in excitement.
sigh. melts my heart.


walks at the park.

going on long walks with my little always feels like a little adventure. as a long distance runner, i've always loved the feeling of being outdoors, racing by with my playlist of  music plugged into my ears. but walking is so different, and ten times better with my baby in tow. i love playing tour guide with my baby boy pointing out things like, "oh, look jace a GREEN PINE TREE, mama's favorite!" or "do you see the baby squirrel!?" or "can you see all the soccer players? mama used to play soccer on these fields when she was little." It's always entertaining to see his expressions when he sees what I'm blabbing on and on about. Having my little walking buddy has taught me how to   s l o w  d o w n  and really take in my surroundings rather than just running by. although to be honest, i find myself starring at my baby in awe more than the pathway ahead of me. 

of course.

luckily, this park is just across the street from us. it has a mile long pathway that winds in and out of pine trees, passes by horses on a ranch, crazy squirrels prancing everywhere, and lots and lots of athletes playing soccer and baseball. it's our breath of fresh air when we need to get out but not pack the car and diaper bag with everything because you know just in case.


down by the sea.

poppy, grams, and i took jace on his first trip to the beach back in july! barely 2 months old and already my little adventurer. there are many things in life i want for my son, and him having a love for adventure, the big and little adventures, is top on my list. he's already such a curious little human being and i'm loving being by his side as he explores the world around him.

plus it's a great change of pace (and scenery) to plop my bebe in his carrier and take a stroll along the shore. 


family visits.

the first couple of weeks of having baby jace home were pretty relaxed and full of lots of love and cuddles from family. he's such a calm happy little boy, and i'm already so proud to be his mama. it was also really nice to have the husband home for the first 2 weeks. the whole after labor thing kinda felt like a mini vacation to be honest. people bringing us yummy food, sleeping in, lots of cuddles with the little one, seeing the people we love, and watching all the seasons of big band theory with jace peacefully asleep in my arms.



fall inspired salad.

there is this amazingly delicious salad from panera bread that my sister-in-law introduced me to over the summer that was made up of strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, tangerines, walnuts, chicken, lettuce, and poppy seed dressing. yum, right? 

well unfortunately they only offer it during the summer and a new fall salad on their menu has replaced it. it's pretty good but i decided to make my own fall inspired salad. it tastes delicious, plus it's cheaper. here goes...

+mixed green salad (spinach, arugula, romaine...)





+italian dressing 

that's it! pretty simple and great for a quick lunch that's healthy.

bon appétit! happy october friends!