pretty flowers and a good night.

i sit here, 11:35 p.m. on a monday night, computer resting on my lap, chocolate protein shake in hand, next to my husband who is playing good ole' diablo (gamer nerd alert!) and simultaneously  rocking our son to sleep. yep, just a little snapshot of what makes life so darn good. mmhhmm. 

tonight we made a late evening trip to the mall in the valley to pick out a birthday outfit for jacebear who is turing ONE. ONE!? on june 6th. we finally used out h&m gift card from christmastime (thanks auntie tyler!) and came home with an armful of really cute boy clothes. the husand actually got a little baby clothes happy if you ask me. batman shirt, with a cape? yeah enough said ;)
 but oh yes....spring, she is beautiful. am i right? these photos are my lovely friend nausheen's beautiful garden.


on growing up// from a mama's p.o.v.

i dunno about you mama's out there, but i just feel like my little pillsbury dough boy is just growing up. way to fast. but then again not. i'm so hot and cold with these kinda things. yes, i do get all sad and teary eyed thinking of my baby growing up because my mama brain immediately conjures up images of my son graduating and moving out or dressed in a tux all handsome on his wedding day. like c' mmon, talk about being over-emotional. 

then there's this mature voice in my head (no no crazy voices) that resonates clear, realistic thoughts reminding me that every stage of his development is exciting. that no age is better than the rest and as a whole are equally special and important. 

and that when the time does come for my son to make a life of his own, i will be ready, cheering him on. the ultimate goal of parenting is to have a child who grows up to be self-sufficient and eager to change the world for the better and make a difference, no? to chase after his or her dreams and live up to their full potential.

to be honest i will cry at all his milestones, especially on his wedding day. buckets probably. but they will be tears of joy nonetheless.


ventura beach day.

this was a special weekend. [one], because we had one of our closest family friends visit and stay with us! we got to catch up and have them finally meet jace. [two], jace got to put his sweet baby feet in the ocean for the first time! boy are we excited for lots of beach adventures this summer! we already miss our friends dearly, and i'm looking forward to the next time our paths cross.


d.i.y. :: geometric baby pants.

what you'll need:
pretty simple right?? after about 2-3 swift coats of fabric paint, you're set! if you haven't already guessed these triangle designs were inspired by the baby clothing (now women's too!) brand bobochoses. i do, i do love this brand but their prices are well quite simply said: not affordable. $40 for baby leggings is craycray, unless you plan on having a brady bunch of kiddos and just pass them on to the next baby after baby....

this is not to say that i won't ever invest in a nice pair of pants for my kiddo, just not until he can wear them for let's say more than a month or two?


so enter the $3 baby leggings that i made as christmas gifts for my son and his cousin.  5+ months later and the fabric paint has held up just like new (in case you were worried.)

aren't these two little models just so cute?


the getty.

this weekend we visited the getty museum in los angeles to see japan's modern divide exhibit. the husband and i (especially the husband here though) are really into japanese culture, so it was a hit for him! it was pretty neat to see the way japan reclaimed it's identity after being shattered in wwii. of course no photos were allowed inside the actual exhibit since it's "borrowed" materials, so if you live in the area, i really do recommend a visit!

the grounds at the getty are really beautiful though. the waterfall garden is spectacular! the little pathways remind me of the secret garden, some place i'd love to sit down and get lost in a novel. the outdoor sculpture exhibit is pretty cool too, and made for a nice private area to nurse and diaper change ;)

hope your weekend is going/went well and well, see you again soon this week with some awesome d.i.y. baby pants coming at ya!


over easter weekend.

::jace went to town at a friend's house when they brought out a basket full of easter eggs? kinda like a ball pit, only so.much.better::
::saturday morning breakfast in the making::
::jacebear taking a nap on our whopping 5 mile walk::
::he loves our hangout seshs with this lovely lady::
::making that "get-the-sun-out-of-my-face-old-man-scrunch-face"::
::all the bunnies!::
::he likes his cousins!::
::my boys::
::easter cuteness::
::easter treats...you bet i tried a bit of everything on this table....::
::this girl and her phone case...cuteness overload::
::his great-grandparents lovin' on him::

 ::sister + brother::
::just met his auntie michelle, and already loves her so. i mean, can you blame him? so much love and kindness in one smile::
::daddy showing jace the hot tub. gigantic bubble bath? oh he wanted in::
::baby me + baby jace with our butterballs::