my little is not so little anymore.

this little one has been loving solids! so far we've tried a litle bit of this and a little bit of that. carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, avocado and zuchini all pureed. we've even started mixing flavors together. so fun! here jace is spooning mouthfuls of homemade applesauce mixed with some rice cereal. yumm, yummm. he's such a big boy, feeding himself and all. he really knows how to work the spoon let me tell ya. i was already filming and decided to hand the spoon over placing the bowl in front of him, and he just took over like it was no big deal or anything. i love catching these moments on camera without meaning to. 

so after we took a bath, and by we i mean jace since he had applesauce everywhere. on his head, eyelids, and even in his ear? true masterpiece.


cost plus world market.

i am still sad and quite disappointed that our only bookstore in my town, barnes & noble, is long gone but the fact that cost plus world market took its place is better than oh let's say, another target. don't get me wrong, I loveeee target, but we have enough in this town already as it is.

my little family of 3 often like to pop in the store to browse around and basically play the "pretend we are rich game" and plan out our DREAM home. i know, so silly but fun! if anything i just gather interior decorating inspiration and try to implement creative touches in a more pocket friendly style. good will and thrift stores yes yes! so here are some of my favorite finds that i wouldn't mind around our little home.


coronado, san diego.

 hotel del coronado, our destination!
daddy giving jace his very first solids, carrots!!!

 long run on the beach with my new kicks

down the elevator we go for a morning date with my bebe. we got a yummy breakfast bagel on the go, picked up some chai, and went for a nice walk along the beach

view from inside the hotel. uh-mazing!

little man loves the beach!

bridge to and from the island

i love parks like this in the middle of small towns

eating those carrots!
picnic on the beach with my loves.

daddy and baby hanging out on the deck.

 kate morgan, the hotel's ghost, hotel room.
new years eve pizza dinner with ryan, his brother, and jacebear.

what's up friends?! like my new sunnies? ;)

jace's next beanie??

eggs benedict, hash browns, asparagus, oj, coffee. i could eat this every morning...

pre haircut/ombreified
post new years hair cuts

water in little jars at the tavern, where the husband and i had date night

delicous sweet potato tots!

it is said this tower is haunted...

moo time...yum!

cute little cafe

love the way my little cub sleeps

walks on the beach

football player?

chocolate kitty. too cute to eat.

walking around town
taste testing

HUGE tree inside the hotel
palm trees
breakfast in bed, my favorite!
the hotel sells their ornaments a weel after christmas, i would so take home a few of these

leaving the island at 5am, bright and early.


hello mr. santa clause.

waiting in line  on christmas eve to see mr. santa clause! only a 30 min wait, not too shabby with this happy clam.

jace's first time visiting with santa clause went so well. he's pretty good with strangers, 
so i wasn't all to surprised when he was super calm and happy when i placed him on santa.
(so weird, this tradition, am i right?)

but i loved it, and jace smiled, and we walked away with a happy little memory
that can always be treasured.


christmas day festivities.

  ::watching a christmas story with my cuddlebug::

::having fun with aunt lisa::
::the wreath on our front door makes me feel giddy and happy to come home::
 ::jace's great-grandma, beautiful, kind-hearted soul::


::my dad with his dad. serious face::

::getting some love from meme and pa::

::being such a silly one::


::ending our night with our jack-in-the-box tradition, 3 years in a row thus far! (christmas dinner//final meal) in honor of ryan's grandpa.