all the dudes on father's day.

this post may be a week late, but as long as the event i'm posting about occured within the same month time frame, that's a success! (for me). so HAPPY father's day to all the amazing father figures in my life. my dad, my handsome baby daddy, my grandpa, my father-in-law. they all hold a special place in my heart and are such amazing human beings.

dad's rock.


birthday boy.

happy, happy birthday to my jacebear! i can't believe my baby is ONE. oh how sweet and too fast that first year goes. all the cuddles and little baby snuggles. it's not over yet little one, (as far as your mama is concerned) i'll always snuggle my bear (though you may put up a front as you grow older...) i highly doubt it, you're the sweetest one of all. 

so on june 6th the hubs and i took jace out to lemon park to play around on the splash pad since his birthday party was that saturday. if i didn't already know my boy is a BOY. he LOVES to make a splash and is not shy at all when the water comes squirting all over the playground. a spray in the face? makes this boy giddy! it's funny really, since the typical "girl" in me was the opposite. i love, love, love having a boy. it's like re-experiencing childhood from a totally different perspective. fun!

below are photos of our birthday fun in the sun:


my little prince.

jace's daddy and i had a little photo shoot fun for jace's 1st birthday party invitations. 
we made him a gold paper crown and tada! a little birthday prince!
we headed on over to the park near our home and took about at least 10367000
photos and just a few are posted below because well i'll spare you ;)

it was quite the challenge trying to keep the crown balanced on a baby's
big ole' head while smiling and looking at the camera but by golly with a lot of mama jumping up
and down like a monkey waving for baby's attention and dada snapping away as fast as our nikon would allow...we got a few good ones!

as much as i love the first one above the last one was most definitely 
the winner.