christmas eve.

::christmas at the ranch//ornament exchange::
::persimmon tree, a natural holiday decoration::
::on up to the party we go!::
                                             :: johnny boy, cousin logan, jacebear, auntie ari::
::greeting la familia::
::the amazing candy bar for the kids (and adults)!::
::son and mama::
::baby cousins!::
::more cousins::
::auntie cyndee::
::family photos::
:grandson and grams::
::grandson and poppy::
::love christmas decorations::
::auntie bri and nephew logan::
 ::john, santa's elf!::
 ::nursing coma::
::christmas eve moon::
::my little family::
::adorable handmade money wreath!::
 ::love festive holiday hairdos::
::i love my mama consu::

 ::sister's sparkly green nails and cross ring::
::dig in? yes pleaseee ;)::
::pies, cakes, cupcakes...::
::gold nails, wedding ring, and gold handmade love ring::

::my nina, the busy hostess/best party planner ever!::

::dada//tia ana::

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