jacebearisms || 23 months.

today jace is 23 months! i am finding it hard to believe my babyboy is going to be TWO in ONE MONTH!!! 

so here documented are just a few of the things that this boy says and does that makes this mama love him so (and some random photos to follow from our morning adventuring at the park):

favorite phrases...

"i want bubbles!" i hear at least 1000x a day.

"choo-choo-train coming?" as train approaches. "bye bye choo-choo-traaaain" waving as it goes by.

"kah-ku, kah-ku!" him saying bagel, bagel!

"niiiiice, niiiice" he softly pats my arm after he knows he's been acting up.

wakes up excitedly asking in the morning, "where's dada?" gesturing with his arms.

"cat! CAT! Thumper?" thinks every cat is also named "thumper" who is his favorite cat to tackle and chase around.

"all done" or "all gone" or "no more" or "thank you"

"shoes. let's goooo"

always asking for...

"water bottle"

"color?" asking for paper and crayons to color.

"paint pese (please)?" he loves his watercolors.

"i want play-doooough"

"aha! crackerrssss!!!" obsessed with wheat thins.

"more? moreee?" when he's still hungry.

"choo-choo-train?" pointing at the t.v. for thomas the train.

loves to...

point out "plane, plane!" in the sky.

"carrrrr, beep beep!" pointing excitedly at every car in sight.

"hi!" or waves "hello!" at every person we walk by. and i mean every person. friendly little guy, but omg when we pass that one weirdo out and about in the city i'm like noooo.

when we are going to the pool: pointing at the pool, "pool? pool? WATER!"

break dance anytime he hears music. he knows how to get dowwwn.

loves to hum and sing in baby gibberish "twinkle, twinkle little star."

animals he loves to say:






"rawrrrr" (lion)

pe-qen (penguin)


favorite foods:

grapes, raisins which he calls "beans"

tangerines, apples, peaches, watermelon

mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon

pb&j toast or honey toast

blueberry bagels!




soy beans


broccoli "treee"

god, i love this stage. he's always so much fun and full of surprises!

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  1. Aww what a cutie :) My little boy is going to be 23 months on the 17th! Hard to believe he's almost 2!