Jace was a train engineer this year for     H a l l o w e e n     and he looked so flippen adorable!!! He's obsessed with "Tommy the Train" (Thomas the Train) and anything to do with choo-choo's, so his costume was pretty fitting. His dad was a Kitsune and I a black and white cat....nothing new there. We are going on 3 years of those costumes....but they are just so good and simple! One year I'd love to go full out though. Makeup artist and everything. One year.

We started out our night with a visit to the photobooth (a tradition we started not on purpose on Jace's first Halloween and only seems fitting to keep it up). Then this little train conductor got to ride the ghost train at the mall, trick-or-treat, visit family and friends, and suck on lollipops allll night long. Good thing he's allergic to dairy. He could have downed way more chocolates over lollipops ha ha *whew*

I always love Halloween with these guys. They make it so special every year.

Our past Halloween ventures: 

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