good day.


Sometimes all it takes for me to have a good day: 

Little white bow in my hair, 
wearing my favorite striped sweater [found last year for $2 at goodwill!], 
eating lots of salad with bell peppers + garbanzo + kidney beans,
 almost all of Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD thanks to my bebe, 
baking batches of lemon bread [way to addicting]

oh and sleeping in.
i need those zzzzzzz's.


  1. Cute hair always makes me feel good, too!

  2. My favorite sweater is one I thrifted from goodwill, too:) It's just perfectly spring like and comfy! I love your white bow, too.

  3. What a cute little bow! & lemon bread? VERY addicting!!

  4. Ohh I love a good thrifted sweater! That salad looks so yummy.. I think I just heard my stomach growl. Oh & I LOVE the photos used in your header, especially the Banksy one. :)

  5. totally sounds like a perfect day! great pictures too :) hey, thanks for the comment you left me the other day. sorry it's taken me so long to reply! hope today is awesome for you too!