spring lake.

Spring lake is a big part of what makes Howarth Park insanely gorgeous. This is just one of those many days we like to spend here. This time we went hiking. Hubby promised that we'll go canoeing or kayaking soon. We'll definitely have to own our own boat someday or if money won't allow for that then a blowup one is a consideration. Any floating device will do. Or maybe we can be really cool and build our own raft out of logs of wood and sticks and stuff like in Huckleberry Finn. 


Ryan made friends with this little woodland creature. 
In my opinion, he got a little to close for my liking. 
They practically shook hands.


  1. Squirrels have this crazy attraction to me.

    They've been known to follow me where ever I walk if I'm outside.

    I am a little freaked out by squirrels.

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. "They practically shook hands"
    Kind of frightening and weird, but okay?