today was a good day.

Today was one of the best days at work. The weather was perfect, and flowed through nicely.
I just can't get over how amazing my kids are. They have taught me so much that I'm not sure they realize it since love comes naturally for them. Their fragile hearts and eager smiles are treasures I will forever hold close to my heart. 

I currently work through an organization, Americorps, with wonderful 2nd graders, and the following pictures are not of them. I have yet to share some of our many hilarious moments, but my first job, back when I was like 16/17 was kinda like my first love:
  a YMCA camp counselor!

I still haven't forgotten these adorable ones...

Lately there's been some sore of fluidity to my life, and it feels really good.
Instead of always focusing on what I want or need, I've been trying to just simply "be".
I'm not saying that I don't follow any ambitions or fulfill any sort of goals.
That's exactly it, I am fulfilling goals, the little things that count more,
 without always playing the "i'll have a better day once I ________" (insert excuse).
Do you know what I mean?

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