chinese new year parade in san francisco.

On Saturday Ryan & I drove to SF to see the chinese new year parade. 
The streets were filled with energy and excitement as dancers curtsied here and there, children dressed in colorful robes smiled and waved, and bands marched up and down blasting music.
It was fun, but way crowded. 

Sorry the pictures did not come out very well....the parade took place in the evening (5-8).
And to take a picture I pretty much just had to hold my camera in the air over all the heads in the crowd and blindly snap whatever I could.

well here's to it anyway...

after we headed over to in-n-out.
this is maybe my 2nd time eating there?
i never eat fast food (thanks mom&dad)
haha, but seriously, this place always has a line out the door...

& had a sweet vanilla milkshake.


  1. That looks really fun! I recently visited California for the first time, but I didn't make it to In-N-Out. I'll have to come back sometime to try it!

  2. looks like a BLAST!! we were in san fran for our honeymoon... so lovely. :) would love to see that veil of flowers that you wore. :)