homemade pizza.

My sister and I had a nice "girl" day where all we did was sunbathe out by my pool, and
grocery shop at good ole' Trader Joes, where we picked up some ingredients to make a delish veggie pizza. Yum!

pizza ingredients thanks to TJ's
chopped up olives & cherry tomatoes

 dough pressed & shaped, marinara sauce spread, mozzarella cheese sprinkled
toppings added
fresh out of the oven...
...and ready to eat!

Buon Appetito!
i like cooking with my sister.
 hmm, what should we make next?!


thank you.

Thank you, to each and everyone of you, for your warm congratulations! 
I am so happy to finally be sharing our little ones journey into the world, with the world! 

This was our official baby announcement, a Christmas card we mailed out to family and close friends back in December. Of course we included our 3 furry babies in the family photo. And a minor (more like me sticking out my tum tum to make a more defined) baby bump. I love our little growing family.