quincy market, part i.

back in august we traveled to boston with the hub's side of the family so we could have jace meet his great grandma grams and go to the annual family reunion. jace loved meeting everyone, such a social butterfly that one is! aside from visiting with family we also went out to explore the city a bit. there is something so sweet about the change of pace that comes from traveling in another state for a week or so. a breath of fresh air.

first up was of course good ole' quincy market. i pretty much loved being able to hop on the subway and soak up all the sunshine and historic beauty boston has to offer.

 these handsome boys in hats. i'm a lucky one.

treating ourselves to the best clam chowder from the market was just a bonus.

so. so. good.

hope you all are up to a wonderful wednesday!


sweet summertime.

oh sweet summer, you did this little family good this year. 

although fall is my favorite season of them all, i'm a little sad to see you go. many little adventures and lots of sweet memories were made. 

like this for instance: my nakie chubachubs sitting in our tiny kitchen (aren't babies in just diapers the cutest thing?) digging into this HUGE watermelon getting all sticky and messy but so content at shoveling up every spoonful of sweetness those chubby hands could handle. such a peaceful memory. the simplicity of summer and a baby at its finest. 

now we just gotta go get a pumpkin for this boy to dig into! (and of course some pumpkin pie baking will have to come from it!)