on the bridge cafe.

Our Sunday was spent venturing around Japan Town in lovely San Francisco. Surprisingly the weather was perfect: sunny, big bright clouds, with a little autumn chill. We decided to break out of our normal routine of eating lunch at the same places so we tried out this adorable cafe, On the Bridge. I lalalalaloved it! 

Everything thing from the animated decor to the delicious udon noodle soup and chicken curry was amazing. Bookshelves, filled with colorful manga, made a cozy atmosphere. Manga is a japanese word for "whimsical pictures." How beautiful is that? I loved flipping through their manga collection, even if I had no clue what the words meant. 

We even played "Where's Waldo?" while we waited! Gotta love Japan Town.


  1. okay the where's waldo is the coolest restaurant idea i've ever seen. love it! and that delightful bowl of amazing you have in the first picture makes me hungry!

    it looks like you had tons of fun exploring!

  2. fun!
    you are such a cute little thing :)