to the city we go.

One of the first places we went to once we moved back home was a trip to Hollywood, Los Angeles. {My heart will always and forever be in San Francisco, but I'm trying to open my eyes to the beauty of this city}. I really enjoyed revisiting all the places I used to go to. A nice long stroll with my family along Melrose, browsing through all the shops Ryan and I used to visit, was quite nice. I also scored two pretty head scarves at the local vintage shop! {they will be in an upcoming post soon featuring all my thrift/vintage finds from the last two years}. 

Oh and don't you love the snazzy onesie/overall/romper outfit my sister is modeling? I wish she bought it, hah!


  1. I love this town.

    ♥ sécia

  2. All of these photos make it look like you had such a wonderful adventure! It's been years since i've been to Los Angeles, and your post is making me think I need to change that ASAP!