dr. conkey's candy & coffee co.

have you ever been to dr. coney's candy & coffee co? if you are ever near simi valley area please do!
you'll be glad you did.

i stumbled upon this treasure cove while running errands during dusk with the husband. it was a rainy dark night and the lit up sign of this little store immediately drew my attention. ryan already knew about this place and was happy to be the first person to take me there (uhhh, how had i not been here before having grown up so close in the area?) 

that changed quickly.

this is so funnn because it's a shopping/gift store filled with antiques and pretty things to take with you and decorate your home with (i scored a vintage wooden calendar, pictures to come later). but it's also a bakery/coffee/candy shop! this is the place to find 
your holiday cup of chai latte or bundle of homemade fudge goodness.
i know we'll be visiting soon, my now favorite local coffee shop.

{i apologize for the bad quality photos}