be here now.

for thanksgiving, the husband & i enjoyed 3 different family gatherings. i got to spend sometime visiting with my grandma and grandpa on my dad's side. i made my grandma a batch of chocolate chip cookies (specially for her) since it's her faavorite. then we all went to my mom's side at my nina's ranch and feasted over a delicious meal in a cozy home surrounded by lots and lots of lovely family. we ended the night visiting ryan's family and his grandma who flew in for the holiday, and it was so nice just sitting around chatting.

i used to think it was kinda a hassle to visit all these families in one day, but really, it made me realize how special each and every family is and how many loved ones i am so thankful to have in my life. i love family. 

{oh yeaa, thought i should mention ryan and i saw the muppets thanksgiving night and it was pretty darn cute. minus the fact that i can't stay awake during movies past 8pm anymore for the life of me. i'm old}.  


as of lately.

as of late i've been thankful for simple things like...

comfortable winter clothes aka cooler weather

fruit.fruit.fruit. loving persimmons

raisin box quote on the lid: "change will come; it's a lifetime guarantee"

more random quotes: "let a smile be your nametag"


dr. conkey's candy & coffee co.

have you ever been to dr. coney's candy & coffee co? if you are ever near simi valley area please do!
you'll be glad you did.

i stumbled upon this treasure cove while running errands during dusk with the husband. it was a rainy dark night and the lit up sign of this little store immediately drew my attention. ryan already knew about this place and was happy to be the first person to take me there (uhhh, how had i not been here before having grown up so close in the area?) 

that changed quickly.

this is so funnn because it's a shopping/gift store filled with antiques and pretty things to take with you and decorate your home with (i scored a vintage wooden calendar, pictures to come later). but it's also a bakery/coffee/candy shop! this is the place to find 
your holiday cup of chai latte or bundle of homemade fudge goodness.
i know we'll be visiting soon, my now favorite local coffee shop.

{i apologize for the bad quality photos}


cozy mornings.

quiet, cozy mornings are absolute bliss. mornings like this*: waking up in a warm cabin in the forest, driving in the rain with my husband to a waffle cafe full of sweet, heart warming aromas. 

*from our trip to lake arrowhead

on a happy friday side note, thank you to naomi for sharing this past week that marcel the shell is back!! with a book in tow and a possible tv show! hurrah! 


muse costume ball.

                                       tea party alice                                                                          fox spirit
                                                                           she wants revenge concert
                                                                                      beetlejuice dj
 ryan drove us here with my eyes closed just to show me this wonderful lit up sign, knowing i would appreciate it. love the little things he does to show he's thinking of me.

I know I'm playing catch up here (my dearest apologies for being absent around here as of late): October 29th the husband and I celebrated Halloween at the Muse Costume Ball at LACMA. We love Halloween, and the mystical vibe of the event was quite entertaining. Personally I'm used to dressing up every Halloween and seeing lots of little people in costume since I work with children. This year it  sure was the sight to see sooo many adults dressed up and go all the way out. No slutty costumes here...(sorry if you like that kinda thing) but there were so many creative costumes that night. My favorite was a lady dressed as Coraline and her friend as the other mother. I love!

Best part, unfortunately no pictures could be taken, was the limited Tim Burton exhibit. Seeing sketches of the movies I love forming on paper was amazing, and so was seeing the original hands of Edward Sissorhands! Burton rules.

oh, happy 11/11/11 & Veterans Day!