jace's 1st birthday party!

on june 8th we celebrated our little boy turning ONE!!! Family and friends came out on this beautiful sunny afternoon and made it very special for this little guy who was showered with lots of love.
when it came to cake time jace was all about the cheering and clapping along with everyone (boy does this kid now how to work a crowd) and only really cared to poke tentatively at the homemade cake that i made him. so, good thing i brought along some mini forks for the kids to dig in. the grown ups dug in too of course!

and this my friends is the face of a very happy and thankful birthday boy!

p.s. a big thanks is in order for my family who helped me make this a magical day for my babyboy. from prepping, to setting up, to cooking, and baking... thank you for all your helping hands and loving hearts. 

p.p.s. thank you to all who came out to celebrate and showered this birthday boy with love! and those who couldn't make it and went out of their way to show some birthday love (you really didn't have to). we really appreciate all of you for having a special role in our son's life. 

p.p.p.s. jacebear, i love you.

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  1. That first year goes by quick! He's too cute!