hot air balloon afterglow.

my mom, jacebear, and i ventured on over to the hot air balloon's afterglow event in the town my mom grew up in. it was a beautiful summer evening filled with lots of colorful balloons lighting up the dark night sky.

i was not expecting chilly weather after 75+ degree summer nights the last 2 months so we ended up picking up a panda hat for jacebear to keep all bundled up cozy in. surprisingly he actually kept it on his head 80% of the time! and his mama also left his shoes at home... so we layered up on socks and squeezed his handmade booties his great-grandma made him on.


jace was pretty fascinated when all the balloons lit up alllll at the same time. he was pretty cute with his big owl eyes glued to the brightness and little finger pointing up at the sky. the panda balloon was a big hit. so flippen HUGE!

 after the show i went to treat my mom and i to some sweet potato fries with blackberry sauce and to my dismay they only accepted cash, none of which i had on me! i'm pretty sure jace made a sad puppy face because as i was walking away the lady at the concession stand ushered me with a "mrs., mrs! we can just give you your order since we are closing soon and will be throwing the rest away." thanks sweet potato lady! (good work jacebear). and that blackberry sauce was uh-ma-zing!

all in all we had a good time. and can't you just tell how much that boy loves his grams?! with open mouthed kisses and all!

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  1. These are just beautiful pictures! Looks like you had fun. I am following you back on Blog Lovin!